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New Episode: Meria Heller With David Icke on The Perception Deception


david icke and meria

Today we discuss his latest book “The Perception Deception, Or It’s ALL bollocks-yes,ALL of it”. You have to understand reality to understand the conspiracy;control information you control perceptions; programmed from birth; In just one lifetime the world is unrecognizable; We remember how it WAS not as it is; technology has become the master, addicted to it; creating a “smart” reality? the Woodpecker Signal updated;entrapment of consciousness- they can’t touch your greater self; living in the equivalent of a hacked computer simulation; The Truman Show; The Matrix;the speed of light;your life on a DVD; Who are the Archons? What are they? Casteneda on the “inorganic beings”; the writings of the Gnostics; Lord Archon; Genesis-creation of the Matrix; the favorite forms of the Archons; evil the opposite of live; the flyers and so much more.

Meria Heller is a celebrity, her smash podcast “ The Meria Heller Show” heard in over one hundred countries, hosting top authors, environmentalists, humanitarians and alternative Doctors is only part of her celebrity status. Now in it’s 14th year, it is the number ONE show of it’s kind worldwide. Nominated for the 2001 Peabody Award for Excellence in Broadcasting. Her guests are a who’s who of the best people on the planet, from Governor Jesse Ventura, Kitty Kelley, Gore Vidal to Dr. Arun Gandhi. All shows are archived on site at

Meria Heller is the founder of “THE UNIVERSAL WHEEL”, Phoenix, Arizona, a lifestyle and philosophy based on our interconnectedness to all living things. Meria is also a fine watercolorist having a one woman show in Soho, New York in 1988 and being listed in the Encyclopedia of Living Artists in America. Meria’s work is in International collections. As an accomplished writer, Meria is widely published and written about!

Naturally “intuitive” her gifts have led her to an international clientele. Meria taps into the “universal wealth of information” and has shown many the way to personal and financial success.Meria has her own unique consultation business in Phoenix , Arizona. Meria refers to her consultations as “spiritual therapy”. A psychic and Reiki Master with a great sense of humor and a true professional.


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