Bill Gates Arrest Warrant Issued in Philippines For ‘Premeditated Murder’ Linked To Vaccine Roll Out

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A Philippines court has issued an international arrest warrant for Bill Gates, as part of an investigation into the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out in the territory.

Excess deaths have spiked in the aftermath of the vaccination drive in the Philippines with hundreds of thousands of citizens dying unnecessarily and many more injured and maimed, according to prosecutors.

The judge said Gates, as the founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is “wanted in connection with hundreds of thousands of deaths, a number which cannot be estimated at present and is certain to increase exponentially in time.”

The Philippines had already banned Gates from entering the country in 2016, and has asked Interpol to relay the arrest warrant as a “red notice” to other police forces around the world, a request that has so far gone unmet.

The Heinous Crimes Court in Manila issued the order for the arrest of Gates under article 248 of the revised penal code (RPC), which carries a minimum prison term of 20 years and one day.

The news was immediately met with a superinjunction issued by the Gates Foundation which prevents media in relevant jurisdictions reporting on the arrest warrant or the existence of the superinjunction until the case is resolved.

The Philippines has a history of court action against international agencies pushing vaccines in the territory.

In 1995, the Philippines accused the UN agency UNICEF of waging a secret sterilization campaign in the territory. The state won a court order halting a UNICEF tetanus program that was using tetanus vaccine secretly laced with an abortion drug. Anti-hCG-laced vaccines had also been found in at least four other countries.

A Gates Foundation spokesperson declined to comment on the arrest warrant on Thursday, telling local radio: “This is a misunderstanding that we are going to have ironed out.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. The UN as accessories ipso facto. And every compliant corporation CEO President of Prime Minister and all of their Health ministers and all msm that aided and abetted the transmission of the propagandas. So, you see, nothing will come of any of it.

  2. Fake news the Philippines did not have a “Red Notice” issued. The government here is covering up all the vaccine deaths and injuries. If you go to the Philippine department of Health website it still states little to none adverse effects from the Covid vaccines. Live here like I do and witness they still push plandemic protocols and policies as well as promoting the vaccines.

    • BIG push here in Kalifornia, too. Nearly every ad break, radio and TV, is to get boosted’;

      ‘You’re still out there, but so is covid!’

      It still isn’t apparent to most that ‘they’ obviously know of the massive deaths and injuries, but continue to push this nonsense.’

    • It took me less than a minute on the Philippines Department of Health to confirm your fake news claim. No mention of excess deaths, and definitely nothing about a warrant for nerd-turned-genocidal maniac Gates. I tired to post a direct link but newspunch is currently “moderating” it.

    • Gates’ superinduction stops the reporting. Legally now it can’t be reported until the case is resolved, and you know it won’t be, or he’ll pay off the PH government who kept the Philippines in lockdowns and masks for months longer than the rest of the world, they got paid well. Too bad they don’t use the payoffs for the “better the people.”

      I think the covid truths will come out later this year, globalist are losing their power grip on the people of the world, except Asia where they blindly follow orders. Just got back from the Philippines and some are still wearing worthless masks and still live in fear of the planedemic.

      From the U.S. government VAERS COVID Vaccine Reporting (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System)
      Only 1-3% reporting from all doctors/nurses.

      As of November 2022. (they don’t seem to want to update since the numbers have jumped)

      34,576 deaths, 193,318 hospitalizations, 147,151 urgent care, 226,310 doctor office visits, 10,423 anaphylaxis, 16,776 bell’s palsy, 4,941 miscarriages, 18,706 heart attacks, 26,541 Myocarditis/Pericarditis, 63,862 Permanetly disabled, 8,539 Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet, 36, 812 Life threatening, 42,270 Severe allergic reaction, 15,490 shingles.

      • Super injunctions are issue by the courts, which Philippine courts do not recognize. Plus the way the people are here after the DengVaxia there would be no way to hid any court information about adverse effects from the Covid vax. This is why the Phil DOH still states little to no adverse effects from the Covid vaccines and forever will since the government would be liable.

        True the Philippine government is cheap to pay-off bribe (10,000 USD for a Senator – 100,000 USD for a President) so why not. That is why the government passed a law to set a local CDC so the viruses can be developed and tested locally on the population. The people here is extremely nationalistic so they are easily brain washed / gaslighted by the government with things that scare them. Even when the learning from schooling taught them differently. For country that has one of the best medical teachings, then to follow the WHO protocol for treating respiratory infections, the opposite for what is taught just for bribes.

    • I would imagine the Philippines govt would have approved the vaccine for its people in the first place. How did most if not all govt’s from around the world approve it, and if you listen to sasha latypova, she states there was a clause stating if anyone sues the pharma companies and wins, ultimately it will be that country that has to pay. so why would a country agree to this??

      • Yes, the Philippine government did do the approval. The issue is the Philippine Department of Health is controlled by the WHO / GAVI Institute. Basically paid off officials who panicked the government officials with the help of a few to corrupt Senators that pushed the vax mandates here. This country is very cheap to buy off.

        Even the current President is keeping the State of Public Health Emergency going so he can get more money from the WHO and INF. Per the President “If we stop the state of emergency, the assistance will stop.” Just think last week their was 10,228 Covid cases is a country of 117 million, but still in a state of emergency!?!?!?

        Now they can not tell the truth since the Government would collapse from its corruption.

  3. Someone needs to fall the gates family tree and poison its roots to stop its disease from spreading throughout the rest of the forest.

    • “The news was immediately met with a superinjunction issued by the Gates Foundation which prevents media in relevant jurisdictions reporting on the arrest warrant or the existence of the superinjunction until the case is resolved.”

  4. Just one of my prayers would be answered if this was to come true !!!!!!
    I know it’s a big one ,but please let it happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. May his unvaxxed pilot veer in to Philippines air space ,they force this POS down to face the Philippine people and the world .
    NO BOND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eyes. Do warp speed Epstein compromised rapist Trump too. Bastard gave him money and praise and is still pushing it

      • Trump never forced it on anyone or blackmailed them into it . Although he is Wrong on the vaxxes , no doubt .

        • Trump is a fake deep state scumbag that worked with Gates and the DoD to bring this poison. An epstein compromised rapist P0S that freed Israeli spies and more. I’d kill the bastard in a firing squad and sleep like a baby at night.

          • Totally wrong. I voted against hillywitch before I knew Trump was the same garbage. He was and is a liberal lefty. His mentor was gaywad Roy Cohn. He is pro gay and antigun. Took orders from lefty loons Jared 666 Kushner and princess incest Ivanka the converted Jewess kabbalist P0S. Partied with the Clinton’s and Epstein and NEVER arrested nor ever intended to evidenced by the installation of all Swamp things like Sessions and Epstein guilty Barr. Apologize.

        • so what, IMO he is well aware of the harms this jab has caused. Everyday that he didnt acknowledge that another person gets jabs and gets injured.

      • Trump barred Jeffrey Epstein from Mar-a-Lago over sex assault: court docs files. “Trump banned Epstein from his Maralago Club in West Palm Beach because Epstein sexually assaulted a girl at the club, court documents file in 2011. So how is Trump a rapist?

        • Shove that lame Maralago story imbecile. That doesn’t cancel years of hanging out and going to parties with Jeffy and Clintons. Yo MORON. Jeffy proudly said he introduced his H00KER wife at Jizzy Maxwell’s mossad honeytrap cathouse called the Kit Kat club
          That’s where he met her imbecile. He should be executed for freeing Israeli spies alone. I’d put her in charge long before that murdering rapist traitor P0S clown

  6. “The news was immediately met with a superinjunction issued by the Gates Foundation…” that statement in its self a red flag this is fake news. Only courts can issue injunctions and Philippine courts do not recognize a “superinjunction”.

    I call this BULL S**T!!!!

    Wishful thinking.

    • Lion lying with lamb NOW says WOLF in Isaiah 11 6. Hundreds of changes to Bibles and more called Mandela effects

  7. From Pfizer and Bill Gates et al:

    We still firmly believe in ‘vaccines’ that may or may not be effective and might cause a multitude of various permanently debilitating results, up to and including death. There is only a minor chance that many will suffer a heart attack or any of the many many many, possibly twelve hundred, so called ‘rare’ side effects.

    People drop dead for no reason all the time. Deal with it.

    • …of course it’s credible. What…are you a Globalist? They said that Gates got a “Super Injunction”…which pretty much gags all the information.

      • The “heinous crimes court” is a fictitious entity, like that tribunal a couple years ago that put the globalists on trial.

  8. …too bad The Philippine Government can’t send some mercenaries after Gates and drag his psychopathic butt to a local Court Room…

  9. The left side of your nose doesn’t get like that for no reason at all. I’m a leftie too. Cocaine.

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