Kamala Harris’ Father Is Foreign-Born ‘Radical Marxist’ Professor Recruited To Stanford After Worldwide Search

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The Democrat Party and mainstream media are trying to convince Americans that Sen. Kamala Harris’ represents a safe and “moderate” choice on the ballot for vice president.

But just how “moderate” is the daughter of Prof. Donald Harris, the foreign-born Marxist professor at Stanford University who dedicated his career to promoting radical economics to American undergraduate students?

Despite paying a warm tribute to her family at the Democratic Convention as she accepted the vice-presidential nomination, Sen. Kamala Harris skipped past any discussion of her father, Donald Harris, a Jamaican-born professor of economics at Stanford University. 

Perhaps this is because Don Harris is a renowned Marxist who was recruited after a “six-month ’round-the-world’ search for the most qualified Marxist professor available“, according to a Stanford Daily article at the time.

Don Harris was repeatedly and openly identified as a “Marxist professor” in Stanford Daily articles from the 1970s.

The May 15, 1975 Stanford Daily article “Marxist Offered Economics Post” states the following:

Don Harris, a prominent Marxist professor, has been offered a full professorship in the Economics Department here, Department Chairman James Rosse confirmed yesterday…The appointment is the direct result of student pressure in recent years to hire more faculty who favor an “alternative approach” to economics, said Economics Prof. John Gurley, who now teaches the only undergraduate course in Marxist economics. Gurley said the appointment of Harris was the culmination of a six-month “round-the-world” search for the most qualified Marxist professor available.

Gurley called Harris “an exceptionally good teacher, outstanding researcher, and one of the leading young people in Marxist economics…With the addition of Harris, the department would be able to offer a much greater number of courses taught from a Marxist viewpoint.” 

On March 14, 1974, the Stanford Daily reported in an article headlined “Econ Students Again Demand Expanded Marxian Program”:

But Don Harris, visiting economics professor and advocate of radical economics, suggested that the faculty recommendations hadn’t really met the students’ original demands. “[The proposals] are biased towards the graduate students. Undergrads have, to some degree, been left out. The alternative approaches’ proposal is clearly directed to the graduates,” Harris observed.

“If the real objective is to provide a broad-based undergraduate program in Marxian economics, the department is going to need some more manpower,” he added. Abramovitz, pointing to the faculty “alternative approaches” field, argued that the department would be getting needed manpower…“I have heard no worthwhile arguments against Marxian economics. [Other faculty members] view all other approaches as inferior to their own. There has really been no serious discussion of alternatives,” such as Marxian economics, Harris stated.

…”This is an objectionable judgment which is made out of ignorance of the historical background and traditions of Marxian economics. Such ignorance is self-replacing through the training that the graduate students receive,” Harris contended.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Just like Obama. Domestic terrorist roots. Not only a half-breed in race but in political allegiance!

    Clearly and the enemy of America!!

    You have been warned!!

    It may be your last chance!!

    TRUMP 2020!!

    • The article says that Ms. Harris’s father was a “Marxist professor.” It doesn’t say he was a “domestic terrorist.” Being a professor isn’t the same thing as being a terrorist.

      Even if Professor Harris was a terrorist as well as a Marxist, that doesn’t necessarily mean that his daughter is either one of those. If her dad was a bank robber, does that make her one too? Of course not!

      • She learned at the knee of her daddy. She has come out twice this week and supported the rioters. Like a good little marxist she supports the violent overthrow of our government.

  2. Well his grandpa was a slave owner and funny enough he trashed his daughter for being a liar and tying his family to Marijuana, which displeased him. He basically said she was a liar

  3. We have a problem Houston…We have a generation of brain washed kids….This isnt going to end well for this nation….Civil war is on the cusp I’m afraid…Cant say we weren’t warned …Clintons Bushes and Obama where the 3 worst choices of presidents all time.

  4. Buttigiegs (former Democrat presidential candidate) father was also a Marxist professor. The Marxist and the Democrats are now the same party.

  5. He’s from Jamaica so he actually taught voodoo economics. Undergraduates wouldn’t know the difference.

  6. Kamela, you are a communist, no question about it. You DO NOT belong here as a senator of the US government. Unfortunately, you were voted into office, but I doubt you will be re-elected. Take your Marxism and go to a country that believes in it.


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