REAL Facebook Whistleblower Exposes Frances Haugen: ‘She’s a Deep State Stooge’

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Real Facebook whistleblower exposes Frances Haugen as a Deep State stooge

Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen is actually a ‘Deep State’ stooge who was tasked with justifying stricter censorship rules across the internet, a real whistleblower has claimed.

In case you missed it, earlier this week, Haugen came forward to warn the world that Facebook needed to be censored even more than it is so that ‘evil’ conservatives and independent thinkers are eradicated completely.

She was met by instant universal praise by the mainstream media, given a multi-million dollar legal team, verified on Twitter, given a prime-time television slot, and invited to air her grievances to Congress.

This is in stark contrast to actual whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange or Chelsea manning – all of whom have been exiled, kidnapped, imprisoned and shunned by the media.

Ryan Hartwig, a former content moderator for Facebook, found himself on the receiving end of mass censorship when he bravely stepped forward last year to blow the whistle on the bias and mass censorship happening at Facebook. reports: To assess the reality of this current situation, TFTP reached out to Hartwig to get his input. Hartwig tells TFTP that he thinks Haugen is a legitimate whistleblower but says the way she described her experience likely played a role in how she was treated by the establishment.

“It is fascinating how the red carpet was rolled out for her, and I think it’s mainly because she was able to mention January 6th and blame it partially on Facebook. This is the most preposterous thing I’ve heard, because I personally raised “civil war” and “boogaloo” trends to Facebook, so they were keenly aware of any political movements on the right and were taking action against conservatives on a daily basis,” Hartwig told TFTP.

“I think she genuinely believes that Facebook should save society. She describes working with past Silicon Valley companies, so I think she’s been in that leftist cultural bubble of groupthink for so long that she can’t comprehend opposing viewpoints in a clear manner,” he said.

While the issue is far deeper than left versus right, the end result will end up benefiting the establishment as a whole — especially the current one who seeks massive bipartisan control over the digital world.

Hartwig explains:

This clearly benefits Facebook, because she said in her testimony they only delete about 3 to 5 percent of the violent content on Facebook. This clearly means in order to be more “effective” they would have to hire more content moderators and expand their online presence even more.

Facebook and Google already control so much of the internet traffic, so I think the ultimate goal is to hijack the internet itself. The entire principle of the internet is to be unregulated and not government regulated or have centralized control, so Haugen’s argument is antithetical to the founding principles of the internet.

Since Haugen’s testimony, Facebook, the rest of Big Tech, and the US government have all moved toward establishing “rules for the internet,” as espoused by Pietsch above. When TFTP asked Hartwig about these rules, he pointed out how dangerous they would be and used logic and reason to highlight the futility of such an endeavor.

First of all, the internet is always going to be dangerous for humanity, so there’s no way for Facebook or the government to “save society” from the internet. Parents and families need to step up and protect their children and teenagers from these apps and devices.

It’s definitely bad for any future “rules for the internet” to be determined by an unelected commission similar to the FCC. If government didn’t have the gumption or power to get rid of the largest anti-trust violations in the history of our country (Google and Facebook), then we know who’s calling the shots. The government may be making the rules but they are beholden to Big Tech lobbyists.

For all of the bad that has come from the internet, namely pornography, the Dark Web, the sale of drugs, human smuggling, we know that evil in humanity has always existed. And now we believe that a few rules from compromised politicians is going to fix evil in the world? This is a ludicrous premise.

Unfortunately, these rules are already being pushed by elected officials beholden to the lobbyists, as Hartwig describes. Since Haugen’s testimony, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand began openly advocating for a “Data Protection Agency.”

Given the reality of the United States’ current corrupt regulatory nightmare that is the FDA, CDC, FCC, SEC, EPA, OSHA, NRC, FDIC, and so on and so on, adding the DPA would be yet another nail in the coffin that is the dwindling hourglass of American freedom.

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