2 Dead, 30 Infected In NYC Legionnaire’s Disease Outbreak

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Legionnaire's Disease

Over 30 cases of Legionnaire’s Disease have been reported and The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is looking into the growing epidemic in the Bronx.

My Fox NY reports:

Two people with the severe form of pneumonia have died. Health officials are examining what connection their deaths have with the disease.

Legionnaire’s disease is caused by legionella bacteria that is usually inhaled. The disease cannot be spread from person to person.

Forty-six cases have been reported since July 10, according to the Dept. of Health.

“We are concerned about this unusual increase in Legionnaire’s disease cases in the South Bronx,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett. “We are conducting a swift investigation to determine the source of the outbreak and prevent future cases. I urge anyone with symptoms to seek medical attention right away.”

Statement On Legionnaire’s Disease

The Health Department issued this statement: “The Health Department is actively investigating and is testing water from cooling towers and other potential sources in the area to determine the source of the outbreak. If you live in the area and experience respiratory symptoms, such as fever, cough, chills and muscle aches, seek medical attention right away.”

Groups at high risk for Legionnaire’s disease include people who are middle-aged or older – especially cigarette smokers – people with chronic lung disease or weakened immune systems and people who take medicines that weaken their immune systems (immunosuppressive drugs). 

Symptoms include fever, chills and muscle aches.

In January, eight cases of the disease were diagnosed in residents of Co-Cop City in the Bronx.

The cooling towers at the housing complex were found to be contaminated with the bacteria.

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