Bernie Sanders Earned Less In One Year Than Hillary In One Speech

Fact checked
Senator Bernie Sanders earned less money in one year than Hillary Clinton did in one speech

Tax returns show that democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders earned less in 2014 than Hillary Clinton did in just one of her almost 50 speeches that same year. 

Sanders earned slightly over $200,000 according to tax returns. The same figure that Clinton earned in a single day. reports:

The Weekly Standard on Friday checked that with a CNN analysis from February, finding that Clinton gave multiple speeches in 2014 worth more than Sanders’s entire income that year.

It said that the former secretary of State gave speeches worth $225,000 to GE, $325,000 for the National Automobile Dealers Association and $280,000 for Deutsche Bank AG.

CNN’s analysis found that Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, earned a combined $153 million in paid speeches between February 2001 and last May.

The pair gave 729 speeches, worth an average payday of $210,795 per address. At least 39 events took place with major financial institutions, netting the couple $7.7 million.

Hillary Clinton, the current Democratic presidential front-runner, collected at least $1.8 million herself in at least eight speeches before big banks.

The report comes as Sanders steps up his attacks over Clinton’s Wall Street ties, arguing that she can’t crack down on business interests.

His campaign on Friday also launched a tough ad slamming for not releasing the transcripts of those speeches.

Clinton during Thursday’s debate refused to budge on releasing her transcripts.

Sanders during the debate promised to release his “boring” 2014 tax returns by the end of Friday.