Biden Official Caught Admitting ‘Great Replacement Theory’ Is a ‘Conspiracy Fact’

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A State Department official has been caught on camera admitting the “Great Replacement Theory” is not a “conspiracy theory” but rather a “conspiracy fact,” and the Biden administration is attempting to “change the demographic of the United States.”

The mainstream media routinely dismiss the Great Replacement Theory as “one of the most dangerous white supremacist conspiracy theories out there.”

According to the leftist media, “the Great Replacement conspiracy theory is a white supremacist, xenophobic, and anti-immigrant concept that posits white people are being replaced by immigrants, Muslims, and other people of color in their so-called “home” countries.”

However, the footage obtained by Project Veritas exposes the truth: the Biden administration’s open borders policies are the Great Replacement Theory in action. Watch:

The bombshell video exposes Dan Fitzgerald, a Country Coordinator for the U.S. State Department, discussing the real reasons behind the immigration strategies being pushed on Capitol Hill.

“The big issue for the Hill for our region is immigration,” Fitzgerald states. He reveals that despite significant investments in Central America—approximately $4 billion over four years—immigration patterns have shifted, with a growing number of migrants now arriving from places like Venezuela.

Project Veritas reported:

Daniel Fitzgerald, a State Department Official responsible for allocating U.S. foreign aid across the Western Hemisphere told a Veritas investigative journalist that the U.S. State Department will be forced to answer to Congress for its failure to slow migration from Central America.

He describes failed efforts to pour ‘four billion over four years’ into Central America as part of the Biden Administration’s “Root Causes Strategy.” Under this plan, Washington provides foreign assistance to Latin American countries in order to preemptively relieve hardships that would trigger migrants to abandon their countries for the U.S. However, Fitzgerald shares that the plan isn’t working because migrants are now coming from new countries they didn’t account for.

“Migrants are coming from elsewhere, like Venezuela. So, we’re like, this [the Root Causes Strategy] doesn’t solve that problem.”

Fitzgerald admits that while he didn’t originally see illegal immigration as a concern, his mind has changed and those who raise issue with unchecked immigration are ‘on to something.’

“In my mind, I’m like oh, it’s not that much [illegal immigration]. And then I see the chart, I’m like oh that’s a lot compared to twenty years ago.”

As the U.S. faces an unprecedented surge in illegal border crossings, Fitzgerald admits that he and his colleagues are at a loss for solutions.

There’s no clear answer,” he said.

Fitzgerald concedes that the negative optics surrounding immigration could jeopardize Biden’s chances of reelection.

“It looks bad for any administration because no one solves migration… it’s like the end-all, be-all, kill pill for politics,” he said.

The Project Veritas journalist asked Dan Fitzgerald, “Secretary Blinken, how close are you to him?” Fitzgerald responded, “Five degrees of separation. This is such a niche industry that flies under the radar, so the average American does not know. Most people don’t know what we do.”

In another clip, an official from the U.S. State Department’s Consular office chillingly admitted, “The truth is they want to change the demographic of the United States.”

Even more alarmingly, the official alleged that the U.S. is selectively allowing criminals to cross the border.

“Oh, there’s a lot of things. Mostly, mostly with immigration. I wish people knew we were letting criminals in daily,” the official said.

When pressed for confirmation, the official affirmed, “Oh, yeah. So all the good, honest, hardworking Mexicans stay in Mexico, and all the pieces of garbage come to the United States… And the Mexican government has no reason to stop it because they’re garbage, goes to another country, and sends money back to them.”

When asked about the ultimate goal behind such policies, the official’s response was chillingly clear. “They want to change the demographics of the United States… Traditional standard Americans are not leftists. Latin Americans are all leftists. It literally is. It’s just, it literally is essential to try to change the demographics [in the United States],” he said.

Since Biden’s election, the foreign-born population in the United States has experienced unprecedented growth, increasing by 6.6 million in just 39 months, according to Project Veritas.

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