Big Dairy Deceitfully Hiding Aspartame In New Definition Of ‘Milk’

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Big Dairy are trying to deceive consumers by including aspartame in "milk" without listing the chemical poison on the label.

Aspartame is by far the most dangerous substance added to most foods today. Categorized as a “chemical poison” by nutritionists, aspartame accounts for over 75 percent of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA. Many of these reactions are very serious, including seizures and death.

So what does the FDA do about this silent killer? After allowing Big Dairy producers to deceive consumers by including high fructose corn syrup and sweeteners in “milk” without including the added ingredients on the label, milk is now set to be further adulterated by the addition of aspartame.

The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), who together form the powerful Big Dairy industry, filed a petition with the FDA requesting the agency “amend the standard of identity” of milk and 17 other dairy products.

This was done to allow Big Dairy to add any “safe and suitable sweetener” as an optional ingredient, including non-nutritive and dangerous sweeteners such as aspartame, without the need to list them as an ingredient on the label.

As far as the consumer will be aware, they will simply be buying the innocent, natural and health-giving drink, enjoyed by countless generations and described in the Bible as one of nature’s gifts. But in reality they will be buying a toxic liquid secretly laden with health-destroying poison chemicals.

If this deceitful amendment goes through, that would mean anytime you see the word “milk” on the label, it could include aspartame, sucralose, or any other dangerous artificial sweetener, but you will never be quite sure, since there will be no mention of it — not by listing the artificial sweetener used, nor with a no- or low-calorie type label, which is a tip-off for the clued-up consumer that the product will contain a non-nutritive sweetener.

The amendment also demands the FDA similarly amend the standards of identity for 17 other milk and cream products, to allow the use of any “safe and suitable sweetener” in the optional ingredients, without specifying the type of sweetener used on the label:

Acidified milk
Cultured milk
Sweetened condensed milk
Nonfat dairy milk
Nonfat dry milk fortified with vitamins A and D
Evaporated milk
Dry cream
Heavy cream
Light cream
Sour cream, and acidified sour cream
Light whipping cream
Lowfat yogurt
Nonfat yogurt

What can you do about this?

Educate yourself on the deceitful practices of Big Dairy, the processed food industry, and the FDA – their corrupt partners in profit and greed.

The FDA is currently accepting public comments on the proposed Big Dairy amendment to change the definition of milk. You can submit your comments electronically or via regular mail.

For instructions on how to make your voice heard and demand the FDA protect the health of Americans instead of siding with corporations in the pursuit of profit, follow this link to the Office of the Federal Register and demand they leave milk alone.

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