Bill Gates Bankrolls $1 Billion Plan to Blanket Earth In Video Surveillance Satellites

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Almost every corner of the planet will soon be monitored by video surveillance satellites capable of live-streaming coverage of human activity for "governments and large enterprises"— if Bill Gates gets his way.

Almost every corner of the planet will soon be monitored by video surveillance satellites capable of live-streaming coverage of human activity for “governments and large enterprises”— if Bill Gates gets his way.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is bankrolling a company that is using a $1 billion initial equity allocation from investors to plan a network of satellites to provide real-time coverage of almost every location on Earth.

Washington-based company EarthNow plans to launch an army of more than 500 satellites into our atmosphere, providing its users with near instantaneous video feedback with only one second of delay.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. slammed Bill Gates’ plan to surveil the entire world, using an example of Los Angeles police ticketing Malibu surfers for breaking quarantine rules by using the ocean as an example of police state overreach.

Does anyone share my dread that Bill Gates — and his Mini-Me, Tony Fauci — will somehow be running our Brave New World?” said Kennedy on Instagram. “

Imagine a world where the government doesn’t need police officers to apprehend those surfers or ticket you when you violate social distancing with your girlfriend. Suppose that computers discover your beach trip by tracking your movements using a stream of information from your cell phone, your car GPS, facial recognition technology integrated with real-time surveillance from satellites, mounted cameras, and implanted chips.”

Welcome to Bill Gates’ America,” he added. “It’s right around the corner.”

This mock-up of one of the satellites could show what the programme will look like if it progresses from its current conceptual stage. An army of 500 orbiting satellites weighing around 500 pounds each will all have their cameras trained on Earth 24/7

While the plan to blanket the world in surveillance cameras may sound like the plot from a bad sci-fi movie, the project to surveil the entire planet in real-time is very much a real thing, due in large part to Bill Gates’ funding.

EarthNow will offer its stream and intelligent vision services to a range of government and enterprise customers.
With ambitious plans to save the world, it has attracted billionaire backers in the form of the Microsoft founder and OneWeb executive chairman Greg Wyler. Gates will be investing his own personal wealth into the project.

EarthNow boasts that a customer of the surveillance network will be able use their smart phone or tablet to get instant, live access to what’s going on in almost any part of the world.

Users will be able to watch the weather, detect forest fires the moment they start, observe volcanoes as they erupt and track the migration of animals including birds and whales.

While the EarthNow press release sounds benevolent enough, users can also observe conflict zones and respond immediately when crises arise, assist the media in telling stories from around the world, catch illegal fishing ships in the act, and instantly create “living” 3D models of a town or city, even in remote locations.

The obvious question is who will be the “users” of this technology. According to Wikipedia, the company expects its initial customers to include “governments and large enterprises.

Bill Gates isn’t the only big player bankrolling the project. Softbank, Airbus and Greg Wyler are also heavily invested.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Given the Kennedy’s misfortune in public office, I doubt that RFK Jr. would get involved, and I can’t blame him. I am not a voter but if he ran, I’d make an exception. We need some brave people to stand up to this evil. The people that are in the best position to put a stop to this madness would rather take the millions they’re offered and shirk all responsibility.

  2. One name you forgot— Elon Musk who has already launched satellites that are orbiting earth at this very minute.Look it up on the web. I viewed some of them that were orbiting the earth in a” string” pattern about a week ago. His plan , just like Gates, is to have several hundred around the earth in a couple of years.

    • I read more than 40 thousand. I saw one of them last week for the first time…very unsettling.

        • It would be great if all of Gates’s satellites crashed into each other .. It would happen if he launched 12,000 of them for sure .. Even several hundred could crash into one another, since there are lots of satellites from not only the US, but from other countries as well. Apparently, Gates is stupid when it comes to satellites;D

  3. Did those clothes he’s wearing come from Goodwill? Despite being an EVIL BASTARD he looks like he just got out of bed all the time.

    • Well … the ” zi ” in ” nazi ” actually stood for ” zionist ” , so … you might be right …

          • I know sh#t when I smell it. And it’s an anti Semite bigot bag of s#it like you, Buttercup!

          • You don’t know jack shit , and to simply brand someone ” antisemite ” is the oldest trick in the world …

            The hardcore of the Nazi party was composed of Jews and half-jews , and financed by them !!!

          • Nazi’s were fake jews who immigrated to Western Europe from Khazaria in the 500’s. They had/have no semite blood in their veins according to the DNA genome project.

          • Yup … Ashkenazis …but the ” nazi ” in ” ashkenazi ” is more of a … rather peculiar and revealing …
            coincidence …

            Whereas the ” zi ” in ” nazi ” was a wish , a wish that came from the people financing Herr Hitler ( Hitler
            who’s grandpa was a Rothschild !!! )

      • Sir Babe – try again. “Nazi” is short for “Nationalsozialismus” or National Socialism.

        • That’s what is the common belief , or rather … that’s why it flew under the radar , but actually that’s
          not what the real meaning is … Besides , in such a small denomination as ” Nazi ” , it would be awkward
          if not ridiculous to emphasize the ” zi ” in ” sozial ” , which wouldn’t convey the meaning of ” so-ci-al ” ,
          and like the Nazis gave that much of a shit about the social aspect of slaughtering millions of people
          in bloody wars !?!

          Nice try … but … fail …

  4. PDJT to do list.
    1) Investigate Gates FND for Monopoly of Global Health Care.
    2) Investigate Gates FND for N/D & C of I on profits from philanthropic investments & vaccines,
    3) Expose Gates FND for violation of S&E Act + Sherman ATA + Big Pharma co-conspirators who work for them.

  5. The satellites will track everyone with the tracer app and can kill them and make it look like they had an accident in their car.

  6. Now why does he want that for? Why are Demoncraps and commies into this surveillance and monitoring crap? Why their obsession with it?

    Look at China. The cameras are always pointed at the people but not the party. Why you gowddamn uckfers!

    • Because they want to be “as God”…sadly, the devil couldn’t do that without having mankind help him…and for the love of money comes forth every sort of evil.

      • Satan wants to be God, but he can’t, Jesus snatched the keys of death & hell away from him. But, he still thinks he can win. He shows up first claiming to be Jesus, and steps in to control the one-world government his children have set up. They can’t make it work but he can. The thing is don’t bow to him to receive anything from him, because that’s what will put you into hell, and eternal damnation.

  7. Well, between him and Musk we will have the new orbital fascism.

    A Brave New World even Huxley could not conjure up!

    • Bill Gates is not just the enemy of the American people, he’s the enemy of all people world-wide.

  8. Add to those 500 satellites, the 48,000 SpaceX Starlink satellites and rather than seeing the moon and stars, we will see the cage they have sent up to monitor your every move. Neuro-link brain chips will make every human being a robotic slave linked to the Starlink (the Internet of things, including people) and the Luciferase microdot vaccination with nano chip will make you an eternal hell-bound controlled enslaved trans-human to nicely round out that Babylon Beast system that the Bible warned us about.

    • All it takes to sabotage the EVIL Gates’s Satanic agenda is to make all of his satellites crash into each other, as well as other satellites being used for the same purpose – to monitor our every move.
      Another method would be to totally disable those satellites. Just leave those satellites that monitor the weather and bring TV channels to the populaces.

  9. There has been a worldwide satellite broadcast system for over 20 years now so he would be just one more dick in the sky

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