Evidence Of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 Shot Down By Missile

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Evidence has emerged that shows Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down by a BUK missile. 

Scientific examination of crash wreckage has uncovered parts of a rocket-BUK, including parts from the warhead. 

Rtlnieuws.nl reports:

“The wreckage were still unattended on a large area and not sold. I got more” suspect “fragments from the remains of the cockpit, fragments that do not come to me seemed the aircraft. Eddy van Exel is not only cameraman but also my witness. I took the pieces along for research, “says Akkermans.

International experts endorse the conclusions of the forensic investigation. Defense experts from London’s IHS Jane’s examine each weapon in the world. They see in the above battered and deformed fragment a first proof. The fragment straight stems, according to them from the bursting of a BUK-9M317 missile, the modern version of the BUK 1-2 system. Expert Nicolas De Larrinaga: “Judging from the hourglass shape we can see all the characteristics of the impact of a fragment of a 9N314 warhead This fits..”

The Polish Defence Journalist Juliusz Sabak points four fragments to MH17 and three debris to a Soviet-made rocket. “I think it’s part of the rocket has not exploded, part of the tail.”

The BUK dates from the Soviet arsenal, but has evolved over the years, regularly updated and is part of the missile arsenal of countries like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Finland. The missile is designed to shoot down an aircraft from the ground. It finds its target using a radar in the head of the missile. The warhead of the missile is designed to shoot a shotgun, the flying object enters a conical hail of fragments. The warhead is large with tens of thousands of preformed fragments together as 70 kilos. The parts of the rocket left in the plane.

During the weft shoot the particles with murderous speed through the hull and the interior of the aircraft. The forces are so great that deform the fragments partially. Expert Larrinaga detects the deformation of the springkopstukje. “It is an exceptional manner bent and folded, that you have to hit objects with high speed anything else. They bend to mushroom shape.”

Other metal particles are due to the Boeing-MH17. Here we see that red-hot metal particles craters have beaten in a piece of fuselage. Deep in one of those craters are still remnants of artificial insulation, a kind of wool that can withstand very high temperatures.

German rocket scientists Schmucker and Schiller endorse the conclusions. They have also made calculations of the trajectory of a missile BUK based on publicly available data and their own rocket knowledge. Markus Schiller: “Only a BUK missile which can take away from the aircraft at such a height in such a short time and cause so much damage, the mathematics is quite right when you enter the BUK the data at the MH17..”

His colleague Robert Schmucker, “It is consistent with the data of the fragments and the rocket trajectory that has brought down a BUK MH17.”

The suspicion existed for some time, but since today there is also physical evidence of the murder weapon on the table of the public. “But there is much more to a final conclusion, such as who is behind the attack and who is responsible for the deaths of 298 people,” says Jeroen Akkermans.

The Dutch researchers hope the end of this year to give an answer. There really is more research and therefore take time.

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