Expect 911 False Flag And Hell On Earth Under Trump: Scholar

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false flag

Expect a massive 911 style false flag operation under President-elect Donald Trump following his nomination of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state, says American scholar.

U.S. neocons who facilitated the false flag September 11, 2001 terror attacks to launch wars in the Middle East and fracture Islam are hailing Tillerson’s appointment and can now finish off what they started under former President George W. Bush.

Their objective is mainly to fracture and degrade the religion of Islam. To better control manufactured chaos and wars in Muslim countries and allay Zionist and some Christian fears.

To make a buck while keeping the world distracted and busy with digesting fear, hate, helplessness and a lack of divine justice. Leading to more pleas from the people to their almighty leaders to put an end to violence by all means possible, accepting evil to end evil.

The neocons want to defeat anything that stands in their way by inserting radical fanatics who are trained by the West along the silk road that goes mainly through Muslim areas to China via the Middle East.

The bigots surrounding Trump will be on turbo-charge to either achieve world domination or go bust taking the world down with them.

With Trump in the White House expect hell on earth and a false flag operation that could be the mother of all false flags, ushering in an era of more death and violence, all in the name of security while creating insecurity around the world.

The military industrial complex needs new wars to make a profit by replenishing old stock with new scientific breakthroughs while attracting new customers watching the spectacle of war in their neighbourhoods.

PressTV reports:

“Trump, once again, is surrounding himself with 9/11 criminals; virtually all of his important foreign policy appointments are part of the 9/11 prep team,” said Kevin Barrett, an author and political commentator in Madison, Wisconsin.

“These are people who staged the events of 9/11 in order to create a civilizational war against Islam and Muslims and bust up the Middle East on behalf of imperialism, and especially on behalf of expansionist Zionism of the Likudnik variety,” Barrett told Press TV on Thursday.

“So we can expect more hell on earth under Trump; I would be expecting a big false flag [operation], possibly the destruction of the Trump Tower, Sears Tower or something like that; perhaps a nuclear weapon going off in an American city, leading to a large war in the Middle East,” he added.

“That is the real agenda of many of the people around Trump, including these notorious 9/11 criminals who are now pushing the nomination of Tillerson.”

Former US vice president Dick Cheney, along with several former senior officials in the Gorge W. Bush administration, are reportedly lobbying on behalf of Tillerson.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that Cheney, the 75-year-old neoconservative politician who served four Republican presidents and spent 11 years in the House of Representatives, spoke to Senator Marco Rubio and some other senators in order to get their support for Tillerson’s confirmation from the Senate.

Robert Gates, the former CIA director and defense secretary, as well as former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice have made the same recommendation.

On Wednesday, former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger also applauded Trump’s selection of Tillerson for America’s next top diplomat.

Tillerson has reportedly close business relations with Russia and was awarded “Order of Friendship” — one of the country’s most prestigious awards given to foreign nationals — by the Russian government in 2013.false flag

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