Handover Of British Police To G4S Rolled Out Across UK

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Handover of British police to G4S already underway

Private security firm G4S have been given the responsibility for patrolling neighbourhoods, investigating crimes and arresting suspects across the United Kingdom.  

The private global security firm recently signed a £200m contract with Lincolnshire Police as part of larger plans to privatize the entire police force in Britain.

21stcenturywire.com reports: The controversial firm claims it can save £1bn a year across all 43 of the UK’s police forces.

Still, a number of citizen advocacy groups hold the strong belief that the public must keep its police services properly funded, and publicly owned.

As Benito Mussolini famously said, “Fascism should rightly be called corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.”

One thing is certain: you will not see any Soros-funded ‘antifascist’ activists protesting stories like this…

Tom Pride says:

Privatisation and handover of British policing to G4S is already well underway…

Many people will have been shocked by the revelations of G4S guards abusing detainees in an immigration centre as revealed by the BBC’s Panorama.

But not many people will know that the privatisation of Britain’s police is already well underway.

And not many people will know that the private company more and more of our front-line policing duties are being handed over to is the disgraced G4S:

“Part of G4S Government & Outsourcing Services, Police Support Services works in partnership with Police forces across the UK on the provision of custody services, transportation solutions, temporary staffing and specialist police skilled teams.

It offers professional outsourcing services that enable Forces to target their own resources more effectively and efficiently in the front line of local communities.

In high risk or surge situations they can provide ex-military specialist security teams. They also design and build state of the art custody suites. They offer a secure Transportation service that provides a range of options using a fleet of purpose designed cellular vehicles.

The Service also operates the UK’s largest database of temporary police skilled staff and is the leading provider of temporary policing specialists to Forces and Local Authorities.” (Source: text and image G4S)