Ghost ‘Slashes Woman’s Face’ During Seance In London

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A woman has said a ghost slashed her face during a seance in Alexandra Palace, north London

A TV Psychic carried out a seance with 20 other participants in a 140-year-old building in north London recently, and says that one of the women in the group suffered a brutal attack by a demonic entity who slashed her face during the seance. 

Psychic medium Charlotte Codrai hosted the event at Alexandra Palace, and put the participants into a trance before commencing the seance. She says she began being bombarded by a series of visions of the buildings history, including “the sound of fire and a huge commotion.”

At this point, one of the women in the group cried out, saying, “I feel like someone just slashed my cheek and blood is coming out. My hands feel numb now.” reports:

There were no visible injuries on her, however.

The event was a key feature of the Mind Body & Soul new age exhibition on the ground floor of the building.

But while thousands of visitors downstairs browsed stands with massage, crystals and the latest in yoga and new age philosophies, Ms Codrai, who has worked with the likes of Derek Acorah was summoning the restless dead.

Before the drama the medium, who has appeared on paranormal programmes on Sky TV, said she did not feel any negative spirits would cause trouble but precautions were needed.

Everyone was asked to sit and hold hands in a circle before closing their eyes.

Ms Codrai said: “I am going to put a protective layer around us to ward off any negative energies. I doubt there will be so don’t panic.

“Everyone imagine tentacles in the floor going up your legs to keep you supported.”

She then got them to imagine a “wonderful red orb of energy travelling into their spine – the root of their Chakra.”

In some Indian religions, Chakra is said to be a spiritual energy point within the body for the life force prana.

After an array of imagined coloured orbs were virtually inserted into various chakra points across their bodies, and the group were deep in trance, she began to summon the dead.

She said: “I call upon the spirits of Alexandra Palace to step forward and influence us in some way.”

Turning to the group, she said: “You may feel breath from them, or them touching your hair just allow them to draw closer. You may get a feeling like fine hair or cobwebs across your face as a spirit draws closer.

She then felt the presence of a malevolent spirit called Arthur, who she believed could have been a former caretaker.

She said: “I am getting the name Arthur over and over again. A caretaker?

“He is quite grumpy and not happy with us being here or anyone being here. He was grumpy with a deep voice and this is his place. I think he worked up until the end.”

A man in the audience, who said he was also a psychic, said he was pushed from behind.

He said: “I felt something on my back and legs. Two hands on my back which pushed me forward.”

He added he was rocked back and forward and felt red hot to cold quickly.

A middle-aged woman also reported a bizarre experience, where she felt her arms being forced upwards by something.

The psychic then picked up on a female spirit, who she said wanted to communicate with a woman to her right.

She said: “Do you understand Shirley. Is Shirley in spirit? Did you know her to have a bit of an accent?

“She was quite a bold woman, forthright, and needed to have her voice heard. Quite stubborn.

“She had a stomach problem. It was quite unfortunate.”

The woman said she understood this.

But the woman was not sure why Ms Codrai then got the sensation of butterflies in her own stomach or said the name of nearby Hornsey.

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