Global Elite Meeting At International Bird Flu Summit To Plan ‘Mass Fatality Management’

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The global elite are sending representatives to the International Bird Flu Summit (IBFS) to discuss topics including mass fatalities, vaccine delivery, and how to control the narrative surrounding the bird flu pandemic on social media.

The IBFS will be held in Arlington, Virginia, conveniently close to the CIA headquarters in Langley, and will take place on October 2-4 this year.

The bird flu summit closely resembles Event 201, the table-top preparedness exercise organized by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with the World Economic Forum in October 2019, just months before the Covid pandemic was announced to the world by the breathless mainstream media.

The bird flu pandemic table-top preparedness exercise comes as the United States government has been enhancing the transmissibility and lethality of the H5N1 influenza bird flu virus through gain-of-function experimentation.

Jon Fleetwood reports: The government is allowed to weaponize pathogens like bird flu with GOF because of a “loophole” in the international ‘Biological Weapons Convention’ (BWC) treaty that allows authorities to produce bioweapons from the most dangerous pathogens known to humanity so long as the stated purpose is for “peaceful uses” like vaccine development.

Incidentally, the U.S. has been simultaneously engineering a new mRNA vaccine for H5N1 bird flu, agreeing to pay vaccine maker Moderna Inc. $176 million for the project with funds from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) leaders have signaled the agency will skip the rigorous drug authorization process for influenza bird flu vaccines, as it did for COVID-19 jabs when it utilized the controversial Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) tool.

This is despite there already being safe, effective, widely accessible bird flu medical treatments available.

Only two virus families have been authorized for GOF experimentation by the government since 2017: coronavirus and influenza.

Coronavirus caused the 2019 COVID pandemic, and now influenza is apparently causing the next pandemic.

That the only two virus families behind the last and coming pandemics are the very pathogens the government has been weaponizing raises questions about the government’s actions and intentions.

The questions are especially justified considering both the legislative and executive branches of government rushed through a massive spending bill at the beginning of the year that allocated over $1 billion to a future influenza pandemic, long before mainstream health or media sources raised the alarm regarding bird flu.

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The timing has compelled health experts to wonder whether the coming bird flu pandemic arose spontaneously or represents a coordinated bioweapon attack.

“I’m extremely concerned that the public will not be able to connect the dots,” says Dr. Richard Bartlett, Texas Department of Health and Human Services Meritorious Service Award recipient. “I anticipate the same playbook that was used during COVID will be used during this potential future bird flu pandemic.”

“We need to entertain the possibility that we will be dealing with a bioweapon, not a natural phenomenon,” the emergency room director and former adviser on Texas Governor Rick Perry’s ‘Health Disparities Taskforce’ added.

“It might be that the mainstream messaging and propaganda broadcast to the American people will be to call it a normal ‘Flu A’ that spun out in nature, when in reality it’s a mass casualty bioweapon event with an influenza virus that was genetically engineered in a lab.”

After all, the U.S. government has a sordid and lengthy history of releasing dangerous pathogens on innocent civilians and military personnel without their knowledge or consent.

Now, adding to the coordination, an ‘International Bird Flu Summit’ has been scheduled to take place in Washington D.C. October 2-4 to prepare the country for management strategies.

The summit is raising eyebrows because of its likeness to an event that was held in New York just weeks before the COVID pandemic hit.

That event, called Event 201, was a pandemic simulation exercise conducted on October 18, 2019, in New York City.

It was jointly hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The COVID pandemic would commence that December, compelling many to point to Event 201 as evidence that global parties had orchestrated the COVID pandemic.

Like Event 201, the new bird flu summit will gather experts, policymakers, and representatives from various sectors, including healthcare, veterinary science, epidemiology, and industry.

The “hands-on” workshop and training will entail “surveillance techniques, “lab diagnostics,” and “outbreak response planning.”

Attendees will strategize preparedness, response, and future implications of a potential bird flu outbreak, establishing a platform for global coordination and enabling partnerships.

The meeting’s agenda is designed to cover a wide range of topics relevant to different sectors impacted by bird flu.

These include:

  • Businesses: Sessions will focus on business continuity planning, resource allocation, and risk mitigation strategies. Attendees will learn about securing supply chains, navigating travel safety protocols, and optimizing insurance coverage to ensure uninterrupted operations during an outbreak.
  • Workplace: Discussions will center on ensuring prioritized antiviral distribution for essential workers, addressing supply chain interruptions, managing staffing shortages, and maintaining continuous operations amidst workforce decreases.
  • Hospitals: Healthcare system preparedness will be a key focus, with sessions on clinical impacts, emergency response management, and the role of governmental public health agencies in crisis situations.
  • First Responders: Strengthening the capabilities and coordination of first responders will be addressed, along with effective crisis communication strategies and enhancing international cooperation for rapid response.
  • Military: The summit will also cover the role of military and emergency operations centers in safeguarding public health and maintaining essential services during pandemics.

Key topics to be discussed include:

  • Mass Fatality Management Planning
  • Surveillance and Data Management
  • Community Preparedness Strategies
  • Vaccine and Antiviral Medication Delivery
  • Medical Countermeasures
  • Socio-Economic Impacts on Poultry and Livestock Industries

“Welcome to the International Bird Flu Summit, where we address the pressing concerns surrounding the recent developments in avian influenza,” a brochure for the summit reads.

“With the emergence of a highly virulent strain of bird flu affecting both cattle and humans, it is imperative that we come together to discuss preparedness, response strategies, and the future implications of this evolving situation.”

It remains to be seen whether a bird flu pandemic will commence in the weeks following the summit like COVID followed Event 201.

You can read the summit brochure here.

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