Joe Biden ‘Has Restored Some Political Sanity In Our Country’ Says Barbra Steisand

Fact checked by The People's Voice Community

Hollywood star Barbra Streisand is touting the president’s first month in office as the restoration of “political sanity” in the US

She claims tht the United States will now address climate change and “once again become one of the leaders of the free world”

Breitbart reports: Streisand praised President Biden on social media Friday, declaring that the new administration will tackle climate change and oversee coronavirus vaccinations.

“President Biden has restored some political sanity in our country,” Streisand wrote. “The United States will once again become one of the leaders of the free world. We will address climate change now evident in these extreme weather conditions.”

She added: “Biden’s competent team is making sure Americans will be protected by getting more vaccinations in American‘s [sic] arms after Trump had downplayed the pandemic from its beginning.”

Streisand’s sentiments on the vaccine echo a string of falsehoods from President Biden. A week before her posts, Biden said former President Donald Trump did not leave his administration with any vaccine distribution plan. Breitbart News fact-checked this assertion and ruled it was mostly false. Earlier this week, Biden told a CNN town hall that there was no vaccine when he came into office. He had, in fact, personally received the vaccine before his inauguration.

The same day as Biden’s town hall, the singer and actress expressed her support for further economic lockdowns in response to new COVID variants.

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