Kanye West Survives Shooting During Hospital Ordeal

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Kanye West survived an attempted shooting by a gunman who broke into his hospital room at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Kanye West survived an attempt on his life by a gunman who broke into his hospital room at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

An armed man was seen fleeing Kanye’s room “just after 3am on Tuesday,” according to a hospital source, after Kanye’s security detail returned from a break.

Kanye West, heavily drugged, told his bodyguard that the man had a gun and was about to kill him. The 39-year-old rapper claims he knows who the gunman was – and more to the point, who sent him.

The guy knew where his room was. There is no way he could have known this if he didn’t have inside information.”

Kanye says he knows who it was, he recognized him, and he knows who sent him.”

A member of Kanyr's security detail (pictured) disturbed a man with a gun who Kanye claims was going to kill him.
A member of Kanye’s security detail (pictured) disturbed a man with a gun who Kanye claims was going to kill him.

Kanye has been held in the psychiatric unit since Monday last week after speaking his mind on stage in San Jose, calling out the powers that be – including Google, Twitter, Facebook, mainstream media, Hillary Clinton and Jay-Z – and accused them of manipulating the public and lying to them.

Jay-Z I know you got killers, please don’t send them at my head.”


Hours later Kanye West was handcuffed and institutionalized against his will. The official line is that Kanye was suffering from dehydration and sleep-deprivation, however hospital insiders have gone on the record saying the problems are much more complicated.

The consensus is that doctors are attempting to re-program the off-script star. They are working for Kanye’s handlers. The outspoken star, never afraid of dropping truth bombs, has dedicated the last year to understanding elite power structures – and he can no longer be trusted to play the game by their rules.

Kanye has been restrained and drugged all week as doctors continue working on his brain. But he is refusing to accept that he is troubled, instead claiming that he is speaking the truth. He is “proving resistant to the treatment” and his unusually long stay in the psychiatric unit known for celebrity MK Ultra programming will continue until his handlers are convinced he is no longer a threat to them.

Kanye is being silenced. There are many careers on the line should Kanye continue spilling the beans about the establishment. Although he is still a viable commodity in the entertainment industry, he believes he is about to be “star whacked“, telling hospital staff that he “knows what they got planned.”


Project MKUltra – also known as the CIA’s mind control program – is the code name given to the government program that began in 1947 under the code name Operation Paperclip. It’s not the most nefarious sounding name for a government project bent on controlling the minds of the public, but believe it when we tell you, this stuff is spooky.

As more information about MK Ultra victims became declassified, more conspiracy theories grew, specifically about influential celebrities who people believed were under MK Ultra mind control.

Kanye’s pattern of behavior matches the template of a MK Ultra-d star, and though he might be resisting the mind control more than most, he knows he has two choices – submit to the industry, or be taken out. At the moment his fate is uncertain.

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