Killer Confesses To Murder After Seeing The Devil At Tarot Reading

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A man visiting a Tarot card reader in Brighton broke down and confessed to murder after getting dealt his first three Tarot cards, one of which contained the devil.

Last week Star Randel-Hanson was convicted of murdering his flatmate Derick Marney after a two-week trial at Croydon Crown Court in England.

Psychic Jayne Braiden

The Independent reports:

Jayne Braiden, who owns JJ Tarot on the Brighton Seafront, told Randel-Hanson to pick 10 cards when he came for a reading at her shop. But  the first three he drew – the blasted tower, the emperor and the devil card – caused him to break down in tears.

“The first was the blasted tower which means falling out with someone, a really serious row,” she told the court. “Then there was the emperor, the dominant male. Then the devil card means obviously something awful.

“He broke down and I said to him: ‘Look I can see here that this is not good, you need to tell me everything, let’s talk.’”

Randel-Hanson admitted he had killed Mr Marney but said he “did not mean to”. The two men met at the Brotherhood Gate spiritualist church in Brighton in 2013 and moved in together a short while later.

They shared a bed but were not lovers, the court heard.

Randel-Hanson said Mr Marney had made unwelcome sexual advances and sexually abused him on three occasions.

The 56-year-old said he had stabbed him while the pair were arguing in the kitchen and left his body there for 10 days before he went to JJ Tarot.

Ms Braiden said she had explained to Randel-Hanson that she had to call the police but when she called 999 her enquiry was downgraded to “non-emergency” as officers assumed it was a hoax, the Daily Telegraph reports.

She managed to keep Randel-Hanson in the shop for an hour by fetching him a bottle of water and speaking to him about his relationship with Mr Marney until the police arrived. She said after a while they had changed subject and “laughed at the time the police were taking”.

Following his arrest, officers visited his flat in Vernon Terrace and found Mr Marney’s body on the kitchen floor.

Derick Marney

Randel-Hanson has been told he must serve a minimum of 15 years in prison before being considered for parole.devil

Star Randell-Hanson/Sussex Police