Lindsay Lohan Punched In Face After Trying To Kidnap Refugee Children

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Actress Lindsay Lohan has posted a bizarre video on Instagram in which she tried to take two refugee children away from their parents after accusing them of “trafficking”

Lohan filmed herself approaching the family while telling the camera they are “Syrian refugees” that she is “really worried about”.

“You want to come with me? Come with me. I’ll take care of you guys,” Lohan can be heard saying in Arabic and English. “Do you want to stay in a hotel tonight? Do you want to watch movies? It would be so cool to watch a movie on a TV or a computer,” she then said to one of the children.

RT reports: It’s believed  the incident took place in Paris, where the Hollywood actress has been staying for the last number of days for Paris Fashion Week.

The footage is no longer available to view on Lohan’s Instagram account, but was captured by her many followers. The video begins  with her telling viewers that she wants them to meet a Syrian family she is very worried about.

She asks the family, of two parents and two boys, to tell her and America what they need and she will help them. She then turns to one of the boys and asks him to come with her. “Do you want to go to the hotel tonight, do you want to watch movies, come on, come on!” she tells him.

At first the family are pleasant and smiling but as Lohan becomes more forceful demanding the child come with her their demeanor changes.

The mother shakes her head in refusal at Lohan’s demands and the family get up off the sidewalk and walk away. Lohan follows the family, accusing them of “trafficking children.”

She attempts to speak Arabic and tells them they are ruining Arabic culture before trying to grab the hand of one of the boys. The mother then appears to strike Lohan knocking her to the ground.

Lohan turns the camera on herself, exclaiming in tears that she is “in shock.”

While the actress, who has been repeatedly treated for drug and alcohol addiction, is known for her sometimes erratic behaviour, this latest stunt has left Twitter users astounded.


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