Los Angeles Bernie Sanders Ballots Reveals Sweeping Victory

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Newly counter Los Angeles ballots reveal sweeping victory

A Los Angeles ballot supervising team have said that they intend to count every single provisional ballot, and that early indications show a landslide victory for Bernie Sanders. 

According to the Bernie Sanders or Bust 2016 FaceBook page:

Dear friends,

Our tiny little Los Angeles ballot supervising team, credit mainly to our lead Julie Tyler, just did something really big.

Here goes.

Provisional ballots have to be counted last, mainly to avoid duplicate votes. They make up an enormous amount of ballots this election cycle–50% of them–and they began their count on Sunday, June 19th, just two days ago.

We noticed that out of the first 4,000 provisional ballots pulled, 1,000 of them were snagged because they were cast as “Democratic” ballots instead of “NPP/crossover Democratic” ballots. If you are NPP and received a Democratic ballot, you fell under the umbrella too.

For the record, I have never even SEEN an “NPP/crossover Democratic” ballot. Throughout the whole campaign, we, and hundreds of thousands of others, apparently, assumed a Dem ballot and a crossover Dem ballot were the same thing. Anyway, my guess as to why so many miscast ballots rolled in was either due to a misinformed poll worker, or the voter insisted on getting a Democratic ballot thinking they would be safer that way.

After spending so many hours supervising ballots, the main reason I’ve trusted the efficiency of it is because of their unwavering commitment to honor the voter’s intent. So where did that go?

The concern of 25% of the provisional votes being tossed aside due to a formality was immediately reported on Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday, our little group banned together outside in heartache and frustration. Then something interesting happened. The chief executive took us into a little area down the hallway on the 5th floor, where we received the groundbreaking report:

“I have a bit of good news for you. I want you to know that we looked into it, and we agree that this issue falls under the category of voter intent. We want you to know that we have decided to count every Democratic ballot cast by an NPP voter.” -Aaron Nevarez, Chief Executive Assistant of the Los Angeles Voters Registrar

Now that 66,500 NPP voters’ Democratic ballots will be counted in Los Angeles as of around 1:00pm yesterday, this could mean the recovery of up to 580,000 uncounted votes in California. That’s an eighth of the votes of the state. We have 16 days to get the word out to Secretary of State Alex Padilla and every county in California, who need to follow LA’s lead and get those votes in.

On a personal level, nothing will replace the wave of chills over my body and the tears that came when we heard the news. We continue to show, ask questions, take notes, have meetings and conference calls, get angry, make headway, take steps backward, but all while continuing to say: “This is not okay. Our system can do better.”

Never ever underestimate the power of people vehemently pursuing love and truth.


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