Video: Machine Gun Heard From Street Level In Las Vegas

Fact checked
Video shows automatic weapon being fired from street level during Vegas attack

Newly released footage from the Las Vegas mass shooting suggests there were multiple shooters firing different types of automatic weapons during last Sunday’s massacre. 

A couple managed to capture their escape from the Mandalay Bay, which features audio and video which debunks the myth that Stephen Paddock was working alone. reports: But most importantly, in the video, fully-automatic gunfire and its echo can be heard in the distance the entire time allowing the viewer to gauge that the shots are in fact coming from the distance, likely over 1000 feet away or more as official police reports indicate.

However, as the couple made it farther away from the gunfire all of a sudden a very close volley of fully-automatic gunfire could be heard in real close proximity.

At about 49:06 into the video, the couple decides to go hide behind a bush. (Pay close attention to what happens next)

“Stay right here behind this bush,” the man tells the woman. “We don’t know what the fu*k is going on right now.”

At 49:53 the close gunfire can clearly be heard which could signify that there were indeed multiple shooters contradicting the official story.

You be the judge.