Man Captures Sleep Paralysis ‘Ghost’ On Camera – Spooky

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Ghost, Old Hag, or something else? 

A guy decided to place cameras in his bedroom after a series of sleepless nights and a “feeling of dread”.

In the video cameras face a mans bed as he sleeps with the light on. A smoky figure is seen hovering over his bed and a spike in the audio occurs at the same time.

Is this a ghost caught on camera or perhaps its the infamous “old hag” that is often described by sufferers of sleep paralysis.

What is the the Old Hag?

According to Wikipedia its “a negative figure of the hag who leaves her physical body at night, and sits on the chest of her victim. The victim usually wakes with a feeling of terror, has difficulty breathing because of a perceived heavy invisible weight on his or her chest, and is unable to move i.e., experiences sleep paralysis. This nightmare experience is described as being “hag-ridden” in the Gullah lore. The “Old Hag” was a nightmare spirit in British and also Anglophone North American folklore.”

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