NATO Chief: World War 3 With Russia “Very Likely”

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U.S. Army and NATO Generals have warned that the planet is teetering on the brink of World War 3 between the U.S. and Russia

U.S. Army and NATO Generals have warned that the planet is teetering on the brink of World War 3 between the U.S. and Russia. 

In a recent interview for Time magazine, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev echoed recent warnings by military chiefs, saying that the tensions between NATO and Russia indicate that a nuclear war is “imminent”.

“More troops, tanks and armored personnel carriers are being brought to Europe. NATO and Russian forces and weapons that used to be deployed at a distance are now placed closer to each other, as if to shoot point-blank. It all looks as if the world is preparing for war… The nuclear threat once again seems real.”

His warning comes after military bosses told the world’s media that citizens need to prepare for the very real prospect that the United States and Russia will be at war with each other in the near future. reports:

At a press briefing, the U.S. Army and NATO Generals, however, told reporters that they should prepare for World War III with Russia in the very near future.

If the U.S. wants peace with Russia, it must prepare for war in Europe. They are convinced that war is a peace-making endeavor. Major General Timothy McGuire, deputy commander of the U.S. military in Europe, told reporters when asked if the large deployment was meant to send a message to Russia:

“The best way to maintain the peace is through preparation. This is just showing the strength and cohesion of the alliance and the U.S. commitment to maintain the peace on the continent.”

Beginning in February, the U.S. Army will send its 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, with about 50 Black Hawk and 10 CH-47 Chinook helicopters and 1,800 personnel, as well as a separate aviation battalion with 400 troops and 24 Apache helicopters across Poland, the Baltic states, Bulgaria, Romania and Germany.

So, who deploys Bradley’s, Paladins, anti-ballistic missile systems, indirect fire systems, helicopters, and armed troops at international borders to maintain peace? Christian Goerke, who heads Germany’s Left party in Brandenburg, says:

“Tanks never create peace anywhere. Quite the contrary, a troop deployment of such a scale is part of always increasing buildup and provocation.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov claims the aggressive western buildup in Eastern Europe is not a warning, it’s a provocation:

“Any country can regard a buildup of foreign military presence near its borders negatively and it will do so. This is precisely the way we see it. We interpret this as a threat to us and as actions that endanger our interests and our security. It’s a third country that is building up its military presence on our borders in Europe. It isn’t even a European country.”

In its response, Russia deployed the S-400 Triumph air defense system for the air defense of Moscow and the central industrial region of Russia. The anti-aircraft missile system, reports RT, is capable of hitting moving U.S. and NATO missiles at a distance of 400 kilometers, as well as ballistic targets moving at speeds of up to 4.8 kilometers per second at altitudes.

America’s ‘peace-making’ efforts have drawn not just Russia’s but China’s and North Korea’s ire as well (deployment of a squadron of elite fighter jets to bases in Japan to protect itself from North Korea, and vowing to wage war to bar China’s access to disputed islands in the South China Sea).

In a televised address on New Year’s Day, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un warned “unless the U.S. and its vassal forces stop nuclear threat and blackmail and unless they stop the war exercises which they stage right at our noses under the pretext of annual exercises, the DPRK would keep increasing the military capabilities for self-defense and preemptive striking capacity with a main emphasis on nuclear force.”

As a warning shot at Donald Trump, the Chinese military leaked the images of the Dongfeng-41 — an advanced intercontinental ballistic missile system deployed in the Northeast. China’s state-run Global Times describes it as a nuclear solid-fuel road-mobile system with a range of 14,000 kilometers and a payload of 10-12 nuclear warheads that can target anywhere in the world.

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