President Trump’s Acquittal Sends Rosie O’Donnell Over the Edge

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President Donald Trump's impeachment acquittal sends Rosie O'Donnell over the edge

Failed Hollywood actress Rosie O’Donnell roared back to life on Saturday after the Senate acquitted former President Trump in his second impeachment trial.

Trump’s acquittal sent the Trump-hating actress over the edge.

After Trump’s acquittal was announced, Senate Republicans published a tweet that stated:

“Well that was a waste of time. Let’s get back to work.”

That tweet clearly triggered O’Donnell, who went spiralling into a public meltdown. Here’s what she said in response:

“well fuck u all – traitors – cult members – reality deniers u have no shame – u tossed ur legacy in with his – the nation will not forget ur betrayal – he tried to kill mike pence for gods sake – what will it take – damn it #TrumpIsGuilty

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“They spent two weeks impeaching an old man who is golfing in Florida. Instead of addressing one of the many hundreds of more important issues on the table. Shit like this is why I started voting right wing in 2018.”

“@Rosie is insane. Needs some padded walls.”

“Wow!?!! Suddenly, you love Mike Pence… I thought he was against LTBQ?”

“You need to hold @SpeakerPelosi responsible for the second failure. Is she can’t deliver on this, what makes you think she’ll get anything else done. Oh wait they haven’t!!!!”

“Grab a Snickers bar. #hangry”

“For being “rich” & “famous”, you’re awfully angry..”

“Sir, please calm down”

Instead of asking themselves, “are we being manipulated and lied to,” media zombies like Rosie just lash out.

They’re triggered and fooled into a false sense of outrage.

In actuality, the left are the ones who are inciting a mob. They’re always guilty of what they accuse others of doing.

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