Prince Tortured With Lack Of Sleep Before Death

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Prince allegedly spent the last week before his death awake and physically drained.

According to revelations by loved ones, the legendary artist was working for ‘154 hours straight’ before he died.

Perez Hilton reports:

While we won’t have a lot of the answers until the singer’s autopsy results come in, we are still learning a few details about what circumstances may have triggered the 57-year-old’s death.

We already know about the report that Prince overdosed on Percocet days before his death, as well as the Grammy winner’s alleged drug dealer talking about the rocker’s addiction, but now we know another distressing detail about the hours leading up to the icon’s passing.

The late singer’s brother-in-law, Maurice Phillips, allegedly revealed to fans at Paisley Park:

"Worked 154 hours straight. I was with him just last weekend. He was a good brother-in-law."

Talk about stress! People have to sleep!

In fact Max Timber, who works at Electric Fetus, a record shop in Minneapolis that Prince visited a few days before his death, said that the singer:

"Everyone I've talked to on that Saturday said he looked kind of pale and he was not totally looking in the best shape as he normally is. It sounded like he was looking kind of weak. I know he had just got over the flu supposedly."

As for the legendary rocker’s funeral service, things were pretty simple as the whole thing only costed $1,645!

At the request of the Purple Rain singer, there was a very modest service that the musician’s sister Tyka and her family attended along with other close relatives.

After Prince’s body was released on Friday following his autopsy, it was taken to First Memorial Waterston Chapel for his ceremony and cremation. Once the proceedings concluded, Prince’s ashes were carried out under a jacket to hide and protect them and the family took them to an undisclosed final resting place.

We’re definitely interested to see what the autopsy will uncover, as we’re still mourning the late rock star.

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