The Right Attack Kamala Harris Because She Is A Black Woman Says Joy Behar

Fact checked
Joy Behar

Joy Behar told her co-hosts Thursday on “The View” that the right attack VP Kamala Harris because she is a black woman and that they can’t attack President Biden because “he looks like them”

Behar claimed that a Politico article which alleged a hostile work environment in the office of the Vice President will be used by the right to attack Harris because she was a black woman.

Breitbart reports: ABC legal analyst and co-host Sunny Hostin said, “I think that this has a lot to do with, yes, politics, but it also has a lot to do with the fact that she’s a woman of color and a woman because we know that things that are acceptable for men are not acceptable for women. Maybe she’s, you know, running a tight ship. Maybe she’s expecting a lot from the people that work for her.”

Behar said, “You know, there’s something about this story that doesn’t pass the smell test for me. I mean, this is the second big story about Kamala harris, a negative. The first was at the border, and now this. She’s only been at the job for six months.”

She continued, “You know, what’s interesting is this will be used by the right-wing to attack the Biden Administration. Isn’t it interesting they go after a Black woman? They don’t go after a white guy, Joe Biden because Joe Biden looks like the base on the right. He looks like them. It’s hard to get mad at him because then they get mad at themselves. Something psychological is going on there. She doesn’t look like the base so it’s easy to go after her. I don’t put much stake in this. I think this article is meaningless. Politico pretty much goes right so I don’t trust it.”


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  2. Shes so dumb She must have married up .And we know what church shes in .The church of passive aggressive deceivers

  3. Why us she news ? Why isnt that space reporting Aldermqn Austin being charged with one count lying to the FBI 2 counts of facilitating bribery and 1 count if bribery for her corruption as Chief of Staff for that cretinous female creature with the black eyes ?

  4. Well…i guess it’s only fitting since the only reason she is the VP is because biden promised his VP would be a woman of color and since that’s the only criteria Mr biden used in his selecting of her it makes sense that it’s the only reason

  5. Harris isn’t black and Joyless Behar knows this. It’s more of the racist crap from the satanic lefties always seeking to divide, cause trouble & stir up hate.

  6. SHE’S NOT BLACK SHE’S INDIAN! Go ahead and tell 1 billion Indians they are now black then.

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