Thousands Rally In Support Of Scottish Independence

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Glasgow hosts massive rally in support of Scottish independence one year after vote

Scottish independence

Thousands of ‘YES’ campaigners turned out today for a major rally in Glasgow to mark the anniversary of last years Scottish Independence referendum vote.

Crowds carrying Saltires and Yes banners flocked the city’s George Square to hear dozens of speakers and bands at the Hope Over Fear rally.

The Daily record reports: Organisers said that thousands of people attended the event, which was designed to “make a clear statement that our journey to full independence for our nation continues”.

On September 19 last year the final result of the ballot held the previous day was revealed, with voters rejecting independence by a margin of 55% to 45%.

Speculation has been mounting about the possibility of another vote on the issue after a post-referendum surge in support for the SNP and the party’s landslide victory in Scotland in May’s general election.

Several recent polls have suggested that a majority would vote Yes if another opportunity arose.

But First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon warned supporters there were “no shortcuts” to independence on the anniversary of the poll on Friday.

Speaking in Glasgow, which voted Yes in the referendum, rally organiser and Solidarity co-convener Tommy Sheridan said: “It’s very important that the Yes family comes together today and announces loud and clear that not only are we still Yes but there’s more of Scotland Yes now than there was last year.

“It’s now not a question of if we become independent, it’s when we become independent. We’re here to say we’re still Yes and we’re demanding indyref two.

“I think the mandate for the next referendum should be sought next year at the Scottish Parliament elections.

“If all of the pro-independence parties put that in their manifesto and they win the majority of the votes then let’s have indyref two in 2018.”

Some of those in the crowd cautioned patience over the timing of another referendum.

Robert Boyd, 47, from Lennoxtown, East Dunbartonshire, said a second vote should be held only “when the time is right, when Nicola (Sturgeon) says so, and when I think that there’s a good chance that we will win it”.

Support for Scottish  independence has been growing with the SNP recording a landslide victory in the general election earlier this year, with the nationalists winning 56 seats in parliament.

As RT reports: One of the factors for calls for independence has been the rejection of the austerity regime pushed by the Conservatives. Scotland has been left without the administrative power to combat austerity that impairs people’s everyday life.

All this pushes Scottish society to radical transformation, which is independence. With the frustration growing over undelivered promises made by London, another independence referendum could well be looming.

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