Trump Blasts Democrat’s War On Women’s Sports

Fact checked
Donald Trump

The left have been in meltdown after Donald Trump blasted the Democrat Party on Sunday for endangering women’s sport by allowing transgender athletes to compete against biological women.

Trump was accused of attacking on the transgender community for emphasizing the need to “protect the integrity of women’s sports”:

Brietbart reports: Trump’s call to protect women’s health and their athletic achievements from being harmed or corrupted by biological males infiltrating their sports, drew widespread backlash from liberal elites in politics, entertainment, and media:

TMZ Sports ridiculously claimed that Trump’s attack was directed at the transgender community:

In a botched attempt to show everyone how smart he is, writer Jeff Sharlet over-thought the comment and ended up saying something silly:

PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor decided to ignore the health and well-being of female athletes by trying to twist Trump’s comments into an attack on the transgender community.

New York Times Washington correspondent Maggie Haberman whiffed entirely in a vain attempt to misrepresent Trump’s comments as “mocking trans women”:

Calling the GOP the party of alleged rapists and enablers the day after a second sexual harassment claim against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo became public is something.

Of course, you know Vox had to say something:

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  1. They dont care They know they’re mob control k7ds minds through controlling curriculums councils and tbey will brainwash kids to.think hes an idiot and that trans are the same as biological females Course everyone knows they arent and never will be They have a male skeleton and ribs and bones are crystalline structures that ” tall” to other crystalline structures ,and not just other human crystalline structures but the entire e environment. Deceivers are by default satanists , whether they know ot or not

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