Tyrannical Australian Leader Gladys Berejiklian Was Blackmailed by Big Pharma To Impose Vax Mandate

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Australian leader Gladys Berejiklian was bribed by Big Pharma to impose vax mandates

Disgraced Australian leader Gladys Berejiklian was blackmailed by Big Pharma to force the vaccines on residents, according to reports.

Shortly before being forced to resign from her post due to corruption, Berejiklian desperately tried to save herself from threats by Big Pharma executives who threatened to charge her in a corruption probe.

Berejiklian told residents of Sydney just prior to her sudden resignation “that if they don’t take the covid jab, they face total social isolation indefinitely after the stay-at-home order ends in December.”

Naturalnews.com reports: Clive Palmer, a former member of Australia’s parliament and the current leader of the United Australia Party, was the first to blow the lid on Berejiklian’s criminality a few weeks back. His comments are attracting fresh attention after Berejiklian was basically forced to resign in disgrace over an unrelated corruption probe.

“Palmer dropped the bomb when a jabbering journalist tried to push the NSW [New South Wales] government’s lies about 1600 ‘cases’ and that people really were dying from COVID-19 and the only way out for locked-down small businesses in NSW was for most of the population to get a double jab,” reported Cairns News.

Only 1,421 Aussies have died after testing “positive” for covid

While speaking to a reporter who told him that Sydney business owners were being told that they could not reopen their stores unless they took one of Berejiklian’s mandated double jabs, Palmer shot back by telling this person that “the premier is lying to them.”

“And I’d say that she’s under an ICAC inquiry, but a particular lobbyist in Sydney controls the Liberal Party in Sydney and told her the only way she gets out of that inquiry is if she pushes the double jab, and his clients are Astra Zeneca and his clients are Pfizer,” Palmer added.

The programmed journalist attempted the canned statement a second time, to which Palmer once again clarified that Berejiklian’s mandate held no weight and that its only purpose was to serve as an “excuse to destroy” small businesses, “and they know that.”

Keep in mind that the Fauci Flu remains virtually non-existent in Australia. In fact, it has never really been in Australia period, as there have only been 1,421 recorded deaths in people who tested “positive” for Chinese Germs.

These tests, just to reiterate, are inherently fraudulent as it is, and most of the people who die with covid have some other serious health condition, whether that be old age, obesity, or a pre-existing chronic illness.

Even so, certain parts of the country have been plunged under medical martial law in recent days, just as they were last year during the earlier “waves” of the plandemic.

The reason, of course, has nothing to do with health, and everything to do with further enriching the elite at the expense of the peons. And the ringleaders of all this seem to mostly hail from the United States, which is ground zero for the global medical police state that was birthed out of the plandemic.

“… it’s clear that most pseudo-elites pushing COVID Ritual have ulterior motives, be they power or money or both,” writes Selwyn Duke for The New American.


  1. They wanted her to resign so they could put Perrottett in. And they already had the rest of the house in their corner Like they’ve done globally while the dumb arses haven’t had a clue what’s been going on under their nose s. That’s why they think they might as well just reduce population because they’re so dumb it’s like slaughtering sheep anyway m

    • That doesn’t make sense – Perrottett is lifting the vac mandate which is not what big pharma wanted. Can you explain a bit more? I’m American, so not familiar with Aussie politics.

      • It has to be some kind of trick just do not know yet. Do not think anyone that goes in will be on freedom side, the only way this changes if the whole global people are removed.

        • “the only way this changes if the whole global people are removed.”
          I believe that is what is happening but it’s in stealth mode.

          • I honestly hope you are correct, but I am not seeing it. Lots of strange stuff going on around my state and have a base here and a global tech hub here. I thik the vaccine has gone to long and to far that likely that it is not happening.

          • It’s not very stealthy The Catholics are in the protestants are out. The trick is not to get caught. The Pope rules, The Queens second fiddle.

        • They made her play the baddy cop and he’s playing the good cop. Basically And she’s already had most of the state vaxxed to the point where she could have lifted the covid hammer anyway. But they wanted Perrottett in all along and now they’ve got her to do the dirty work and then kicked her yo the kerb in disgrace and got their boy in the high chair without even needing an election And hell play nice cop so he gets in again at the next election.

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