UFO Filmed Leaving Saturn

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UFO spotted leaving Saturn

Images released by NASA appear to show a UFO leaving Saturn, causing one of its rings to become dislodged. 

Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft shows a weird anomaly in the F-Ring – Saturn’s most distant ring.

Express.co.uk reports:

This has excited alien hunters, with renowned UFO website UFOsightingsdaily.com claiming that it was an extra-terrestrial craft.

It said: “It looks like a UFO was laying dormant in the ring and was suddenly turned on and shot out to do its job.

“This UFO was probably a drone, since the UFO may have been hiding there for an infinite amount of years.”

However, esteemed scientists have offered a more feasible explanation as to what caused a disruption in the ring.

Nasa said in a statement that it was likely caused by a body such as a rock that was lodged in the ring and became displaced.

John Weiss, a ring scientist in Washington State, explained to Fusion: “There’s good evidence that there’s a lot of these sized bodies in the core of the ring itself, but you can’t normally see them because they’re covered by the dust cloud around them.

“But they’re in there, and every so often move across the ring space and blow a bunch of those dust particles out. This one was travelling faster than [three feet] per second.”

Saturn’s rings are made up of dust, rock and ice which can range massively in size from a grain of sand to a large skyscraper.