Ukraine War Is ‘Distracting’ People From Climate Change Says Canadian Public Broadcaster

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The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine could be “distracting” the general public from the issues of climate change, according to the Canadian public broadcaster CBC

CBC writer Aaron Wherry complained that “climate action isn’tsomething governments can set aside when it’s inconvenient”, in an opinion article entitled ‘The war in Ukraine Threatens to Distract us From the Climate Crisis’,

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine does not change the fact of climate change,” Wherry said In an opinion article entitled ‘The war in Ukraine Threatens to Distract us From the Climate Crisis’

His comments echo those of US climate czar John Kerry who warns that the Ukraine conflict cannot be a distraction from climate change action

Breitbart reports: Wherry also noted that Canada could be in a good position to provide liquified natural gas (LNG) and oil to Europe, which is largely reliant on Russian exports, but insisted “pipelines aren’t the answer” regarding a conservative proposal to build an eastern pipeline to export LNG to Europe.

“[B]uilding a pipeline is easier said than done — and even in an ideal scenario it doesn’t seem like a short-term solution,” Wherry insisted, concluding by saying that “The war in Ukraine is profoundly important. But the battle against climate change still has to be fought.”

Wherry is not the only member of the mainstream media to compare the war in Ukraine to climate change. Last week, in the Los Angeles Times newspaper, letters editor Paul Thornton wrote that “The Biden administration and the rest of us have the capacity to address both crises vigorously while acknowledging that the gratuitous death and disruption inflicted on 44 million Ukrainians pose graver immediate consequences for a lot of people right now, whereas climate change looms over every problem faced by humanity.”

POLITICO has also suggested links between the war in Ukraine and climate change, stating: “The war in Ukraine is tied to the climate crisis in multiple ways. The aggressor is a petrostate whose long-term economic future depends on slow action to cut emissions. Europe’s dependence on Russian oil and gas is driving rival conversations about accelerating clean energy and exploring new, alternative sources for fossil fuels.”


  1. Bureau of meteorology is hopeless at predicting weather except to say summers hot and winters cold with chamce if rain or snow. And they’re science They said possibility of light rain and rhe heaviest rains fir 130 years fell.

  2. Man causing climate change is pure stupidity. CO2 is not accumulating in the atmosphere. So easy to prove, yet so many keep saying it is true.
    CO2 remains .04% of it’s share of the atmosphere. Doesn’t move, doesn’t change. If it did, all the flight manuals would have to edited to meet the atmospheric changes, so the planes would not miscalculate their fuel burn. All engines would have to recalibrate their combustions.
    But we don’t have to do that, because CO2 is recycled fully every 24hrs.
    CO2 is the most dense gas so it settles to the surface of the earth and sea so it can be absorbed by green plants and split into oxygen and carbon.
    This occurs when sunlight shines on plants. they earth is huge and has sunlight hitting half of the surface all the time.
    Not only do the green plants process the CO2, but also the plankton in the sea process the CO2. it can’t be stopped.
    combustion of Fossil fuels are not causing any issue. Even Coal. Coal is just as clean as all forms of fossil fuel.
    They are lying to us about this,and trying to brain wash us so they can destroy us, and control us.

  3. In my opinion if you want to deal with climate change try looking into space and see all the useless satellites floating around the planet. This could be one of the problems affecting the planet. Just saying…

    • In my pinion: Satellies infesting the still plane, indeed, from birth the folks brainwashed to the point of inane, even insane, the climate change hoax, just another hidden hand game.

  4. Radio actives from the five nuke melt down in japan NEWS BLACK OUT by the nuke pushing WAR lobbyistas are worldwide and NOT going away

  5. The raybans&BEE HIVE atomic voice singers are all DEAD and even that radioactive is still onging in a faultline going all the way from cally to canada

  6. Wherry verily, mis&disinformation is thy key: Aaron, ’tis always in the name, a twofer, ’tis how they the sheep entrain, the climate change hoax jiggery-pokery combined with the Zelensky-Putin-NWO tripartite Great Reset divide and fool fakery, but then all the world’s always been a game, the lame-stream media presstitutes spewing the scripted refrain, and if you’re taken in, you have only yourself to blame, discernment, why do I always have to explain, Van Morrison sounds the refrain.

    realhistorychan . com/anyt-030822 . html Ukraine crisis actors, left, right and schlenter

    threadreaderapp . com/thread/1500175827161554946 . html From the front lies, all quiet on the eastern front.

    geoengineeringwatch . org/geoengineering-watch-global-alert-news-march-12-2022-344/ Look up, look out, climate manipulation is all about

    gizmodo . com/10-photos-and-videos-from-russias-invasion-of-ukraine-t-1848586587/slides/3 CGI in the sky, and did mention, the lame-stream media are paid to lie

    youtube . com/watch?v=cnVsUpjjOeo Van the Man, why must I always explain.

  7. The only climate change I’ve ever witnessed in my 64 years is fall, winter, spring and summer. Been that way forever.

  8. “The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine could be “distracting” the general public from the issues of climate change”

    No, It’s distracting From the Ongoing ‘Epstein Sex Scandal’ – ‘Weinstein Sex Scandal’ – ‘Catholic Pedophile Sex Scandal

    – That Involves Most of the President’s – Politicians – Actors.

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