Video: Is All Hell Is About To Break Loose In Saudi Arabia?

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saudi arabia
saudi arabia

In this video Gerald Celente, trends forecaster and publisher of the Trends Journal joins Alex Jone to decode current world events and give his take on what the oligarchs are discussing at Bilderberg.

John Ale reports:

According to Gerald Celente “The future has never been clearer. If societies continue on the current path set by major political leaders, financial powers, multinational interests and military forces, we can forecast with full confidence that tomorrow will bring more sorrow than joy, more hardship than prosperity, more war than peace, more physical and mental illness than strong bodies and sound minds… Around the globe, growing class warfare and the backlash against oppressive political and governmental power are erupting. It is often linked to a specific issue or circumstance, but at its core, the abuse of power that has left so many behind fuels the upheavals.”

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