Video: Ten Deadly Futuristic Weapons The Military Is Developing

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Self-guiding bullets, ghost boats, invisibility shields, “pain rays”, and laser weapons that can pinpoint your car from outer space and not only disable it, but blast a hole into it, a la some horror version of The Jetsons?  Yes, and that’s not even the scariest invention the world governments are in development on.

It’s been known for years that militaries across the globe have sought to outdo each other by having advanced weapon technology, jetsons-parking-space-laserbut this video shows us some pretty scary (or interesting) new weapons being developed that look like something out of a sic fi film.

GeoBeats News reports:

National defense is a serious business for any country, and many are constantly working to come up with advanced technologies and means to keep threats at bay.

Here are 10 of the incredible new weapon systems they’ve developed:

Number 10. Long-range lasers. Lockheed Martin is testing out a device called ATHENA, which can disable a car engine from a mile away. The beam of light is powerful enough to burn a hole in the hood of a truck.


Number 9. Electromagnetic Railgun. In addition to being absolutely massive, the weapon provides an amazingly swift projectile speed. Missiles launched from it can travel at up to mach 6, which is many times faster than the speed of sound.

Number 8. Force field. Just like in the movies, people involved in dangerous situations may soon be able to activate a protective bubble. Efforts to make the technology a reality are being pursued by Boeing, which was recently granted a patent for their developments thus far. The goal is to create a barrier that can shield individuals from explosion shockwaves.


 Number 7. Self-guiding bullets. The noses of the projectiles are outfitted with optical sensors to aid snipers in making contact with their targets. It’s believed they’ll be particularly helpful assists when shooters’ accuracy is diminished by adverse weather conditions.

Number 6. Ghost boat. The autonomous craft is not only able to track super stealthy submarines, it can steer itself out of harm’s way while doing so. System testing is underway, and a prototype boat will reportedly hit the waters later this year.

Number 5. Pain ray. The weapon emits a powerful yet non-lethal electromagnetic beam, which causes the target to experience an extreme flash of heat. Its primary use is to deter trespassers, and the ray is not believed to cause any long-term health issues.

Number 4. Hypersonic missile. Attaching one of these to a regular rocket-type weapon can allow for travel speeds of up to about 75 hundred miles per hour. On their own, cruise missiles typically move at less than a 10th of that rate.

Number 3. Invisibility shield. The garments bend light waves around the person wearing them, making the individual unnoticeable to the naked eye. Advanced equipment such as thermal and infrared sensors also has a tough time picking up signals. Its developers call it ‘Quantum Stealth.’

Number 2. Stun cannon. Designed for crowd control, the device sends fast and powerful shock waves that knock people back and temporarily deafen them. Provided the targets are more than 30 feet from the blast source, the means is reportedly non-lethal.

Number 1. Zombie gun. It works by emitting rays that attack the central nervous system. Details are sketchy, but such low-frequency wave activity is known to alter an individual’s psychological situation in a way that makes them highly susceptible to suggestion.