Whoopi Goldberg Admits She Propositioned 15-Year-Old Actor

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'Listen, wait 10 years and I'll take you through it,' Whoopi admits she told the teen back in the 1980s

Whoopi Goldberg admits she propositioned a teenage actor

Whoopi Goldberg admitted Wednesday that she made potentially inappropriate sexual comments to an underage teenage actor in the 1980’s.

During a guest appearance on “The View,” Neil Patrick Harris claimed that during the filming of the movie “Clara’s Heart,” which was released when Harris was just 15 years old, Whoopi offered to have sex with him in the future when he was of legal age.

Lifezette.com reports: “You know, I did my first movie ever with Whoopi Goldberg in a movie called ‘Clara’s Heart,’ and we worked together on that,” Harris recalled. “And she told me, she told me — I was what, 15, 16 years old. She told me on my last day of shooting that 10 years — in 10 years — she was gonna have sex with me.”

“I might have,” Goldberg responded after an awkward pause, followed by audience laughter.

“He had many questions as a kid,” she explained. “And so I said, ‘Listen, wait 10 years, and I’ll take you through it.’”

When it comes to her own behavior, Goldberg takes a very relaxed view — unlike the views she holds toward others. She added, “See, in those days you could actually have some fun like that. You can’t do that now. People get very upset now.”

Harris laughed it all off, saying, “Hey, I was not offended. I’m looking forward to it.”

Goldberg has been one of President Donald Trump’s most outspoken critics. Recently she criticized his son Donald Trump Jr. on “The View,” saying that if Don Jr. was concerned about the safety of his sons in today’s fraught culture, then he must think they are likely to assault someone.

“You only worry about this for your child if you think your child has these tendencies,” she somehow claimed. “If you think your child is not someone who is assaulting people, it shouldn’t be a concern for you,” she added.

Co-host Abby Huntsman jumped into that, defending Trump Jr.’s position by pointing out that sometimes innocent men are falsely accused of things they did not do.

“Not necessarily though, right?” Huntsman asked. “Isn’t that the point — in a not tactful way — he was trying to make? And I think [what] a lot of people are concerned about today is: You could be accused when you have been raised the right way — when you did nothing in that situation. We have countless … examples where that has happened.”

“The View” also ripped into senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee who backed now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his contentious and bitter confirmation process to the Supreme Court.

“The message to boys is, ‘If you become a powerful man, you’re allowed to grope a woman,’” co-host Joy Behar insisted. “This is what the message is to boys. And that’s a very bad message.”

Behar added that she doesn’t “believe these senators don’t care about their daughters. They’re just saying this for political purposes, to push Kavanaugh through.”

“But do you realize that not one male senator said he was worried about his daughters? Everyone’s worried about their sons,” Goldberg claimed. She added, “If you are worried about your son, you want there to be investigative stuff happening so that you can show whether your son is innocent or guilty.”

See the Goldberg and Harris exchange in the video below.

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