Woman Dies After Collision With Whale

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grey whale
grey whale

A woman died after her boat was involved in a collision with a grey whale.
Photo: National Geographic

The collision took place about a mile and a half from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
The Chief fire officer Juan Carvajal Figueroa said the woman was travelling in a tourist boat. At around noon a surfacing whale came out of the water and knocked the boat, which resulted in the 35 year old Canadian woman being thrown overboard. Apparently the Boat’s Captain and other passengers dived in the water after her.
She was rescued by the Mexican Navy and taken to a clinic onshore. The woman died soon afterwards from her injuries while being treated. Two other people were reportedly injured.

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Karren was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas with her husband and parents, Marine Capt. Vicente Arturo Martinez Morales told CBC News.

Five other people were injured in the incident. Two of them were seriously hurt and taken to hospital, he said.

One of them, a 45-year-old woman, was admitted to One World Hospital. She was in stable condition and being transported to another hospital for treatment, a hospital employee said.

Canadian consular officials in Cabo San Lucas are providing assistance to the woman’s family, Department of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Diana Khaddaj said in an email.

“Our thoughts are with the family and friends of a Canadian citizen who passed away in Mexico,” she wrote.

Divina Ariva, an employee at Cabo Adventures, confirmed an “incident” involving one of their boats located in Cabo San Lucas occurred Wednesday.

She did not provide any other details.

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