Woman Fired By Her Employer For Refusing Covid Jab Awarded $700k In Lawsuit

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A bio statistical research scientist at BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee was awarded nearly $700,000 in a court settlement after being fired for refusing to take a COVID-19 jab during the pandemic.

The jury found that Tanja Benton ‘proved by a preponderance of the evidence” that her refusal to get the shot “was based on a sincerely-held religious belief”, according to Fox 17, “

InfoWars reports: ”Benton had been at the job since 2005, and her lawsuit noted she hardly even came into contact with anyone during her work hours.

In fact, the research scientist worked from home for a year and a half during the pandemic without any complaints from co-workers.

When her employer mandated COVID-19 jabs, Benton objected for religious purposes as her research showed the shots “are derived from aborted fetus cell lines.”

The BlueCross BlueShield employee said taking the jab “would not only defile her body but also anger and dishonor God.”

Ultimately, the company fired Benton when she refused to be coerced into taking the experimental shot.

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