100’s Of Beautiful New Aquatic Species Discovered – Video

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Thousands of new species of life being discovered every year.  This time, off the coast of the Philippines, over a hundred new and wondrous aquatic species have been potentially found. The group that made the discoveries plans an exhibition for the summer of 2016.

According to GeoBeats News:

Researchers from the California Academy of Scientists discovered what they believe could be about a hundred previously unknown species. The depths of the ocean hold many mysteries, and scientists recently took a very large step towards cracking about a hundred of them.

Researchers from the California Academy of Sciences dove deep into the waters of the Philippines’ Verde Island Passage and came back up with what they believe are examples of dozens of previously unknown species.

The search spanned of 7 weeks, and in that time unique varieties of sea slugs, urchins, and sea squirts were recovered.

How unique in many cases remains to be determined, and DNA testing is ongoing.

Among the finds generating the most excitement is a one particular heart urchin.

Earlier in their exploration the team had found numerous deceased of its kind, and had begun to believe that locating one that was still thriving wouldn’t ever happen.

Late in their quest, however, the living example they’d been hoping for appeared.

Though research into it is ongoing, the scientists have already linked it to a prehistoric variety that occupied the ocean floor roughly 50 million years ago.

The team is also quite enthusiastic about the examples of 40 or so colorful sea slugs collected throughout the exploration.

An exhibition featuring the discoveries is planned for the summer of 2016, and will be held at the academy’s Steinhart Aquarium.