Victoria’s Secret Goes Woke: Hires Trans, Overweight Models and Promises “No More Bra Poses”

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Victoria's Secret goes woke and hires fat, trans models

Victoria’s Secret has announced plans to deliberately destroy its business by hiring obese, transgender models and pivot away from being “sexy” and “fun”.

The decades-old American lingerie business will do this by hiring the humorless Megan Rapinoe as its new spokeswoman. reports: Among others, joining Rapinoe will be Valentina Sampaio, a male model who identifies as a woman, and plus-size model Paloma Elsesser.

Yeah, where do I sign up for that catalog…

More from the Daily Mail:

Former chief executive Cynthia Fedus-Fields added that although it was ‘probably time for the Angels to go’ the brand had to find a way to ‘move forward while maintaining existing customers.’

She continued: ‘If it was a $7billion business pre-Covid [Chinese coronavirus], and much of that $7billion was built on this blatant sexy approach, be careful with what you’re doing’.

Well, obviously, no one’s being careful. So someone in charge must already be planning to short-sell the stock.

What you have here is not a corporate move meant to expand a thriving business, but one meant to smooch the backside of this country’s left-wing elite, to pander to the Woke Gestapo. Newsflash: These are not the people who purchase expensive lingerie. Instead, all their money goes towards narcotics, bail, rubber women, tattoos, video games, strap-ons, and D-batteries.

There is no poll anywhere in the world, not even from the fake media, that backs up the idea the general public is anywhere close to embracing this anti-human nature woke horseshit. Outside of a tiny group of fetishists, no one finds obesity attractive, no one wants to see a guy in a dress, and no one wants to hear from Megan Rapinoe — whose only claim-to-fame is perfecting the art of sounding like your first wife as she Luxury Whines. And allow me to add this…

NO ONE wants to think of any of this when they’re thinking about sex, and that’s what Victoria’s Secret is supposed to be about, SEX.

Sex is supposed to be sexy! Sex is supposed to be fun! Sex is supposed to be carefree!

Is it Opposite Day at Victoria’s Secret? Because cross-dressing, obesity, bitterness, and humorless have as much to do with sexy and fun as CNNLOL does with the news.

This is going to be a blast to watch, especially when the competitors come along to scoop up what will be a wide-open market for women who are not bitter harridans but cool and funny and eager to appear sexy for the men they love.

And there’s simply no way on earth these new executives at Victoria’s Secret don’t know this. The disastrous ratings alone for all the bathing suit-free beauty contests should be warning enough.

Megan Rapinoe might be very much at home in a coffee house screaming out slam poetry about her Vegan dreams about the Prius replacing the penis, but Victoria’s Secret?

Oh, yeah, this is going to be a blast to watch.


  1. The entire stable of which the daily mail and its sister the guardian ,are the two star performers ,is all owned by the sane source. Theres about 20 or 30 other runners in the boxes representing the owners interests They like people not to know the truth about their ownership and I stead create a sense if ” freedom of the press “

  2. VS clothes were vastly overrated. They always ended up on the floor anyway. Might as well buy something similar at Walmart and save the money.

  3. SAD. Victoria secret went from sexy and beautiful to nasty and perverted overnight. I hope the nasty company goes out of business

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