We Are All Julian Assange!

The illegitimate President of France Emmanuel Macron has enacted a dystopian bill authorizing the government to spy on everybody in France through their smartphones… without a warrant. 

The French Spy Bill grants authorities the ability to remotely access the cameras and microphones on your devices, whenever they feel like it, without a warrant, and without you even knowing about it. And in case you think this is only happening in France, think again. These Orwellian laws are coming to all WEF-infiltrated countries soon.

Here at The People’s Voice, we have uncovered a legal loophole for people to opt out of this Orwellian new law.  In the small print of the bill, the Macron regime has prohibited itself from spying on journalists. Therefore we are inviting you to become a legally accredited citizen journalist with The People’s Voice today! 

As one of the leading and fastest growing independent media outlets in the world, we are proud to announce that we are onboarding all citizens around the world who want to legally protect themselves from intrusive government surveillance by registering as an accredited journalist with The People’s Voice. 

By quickly registering for free you will also get to join our news team as a citizen journalist and submit tips, videos or articles to our newsroom whenever you want.

*To Macron: We hope this is not a rule for thee and none for me situation. Follow the law. Do NOT spy on journalists.