FBI: Peter Strzok Worked For The CIA Under Obama

Fact checked
FBI admit Peter Strzok worked for the CIA

Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who led “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” designed to bring down President Trump, was an undercover CIA agent planted in the bureau by CIA director John Brennan.

According to a bombshell FBI memo, Strzok only held a ceremonial title at the bureau.

Intellihub reports:

“A sheep-dipped Peter Strzok has been covertly operating as the Section Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Counterespionage Group during his secret 24 year tenure with the agency while masquerading as Deputy Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Counterintelligence Division where he was in charge of investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server along with the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections.

The bombshell information published first on BrassBalls.blog reveals that the “joint CIA/FBI position was created by Congress in 1996” which allowed Strzok to hold both posts.

A unclassified document printed on FBI letterhead dated January 20, 2016, which contains the subject line “Supplemental Classification Review and Determination” was addressed to the Bureau of National Security’s

Assistant Secretary Gregory B. Starr from Peter Strzok who is listed as “Section Chief” of the “Counterespionage Section” in reference to Strzok’s CIA post. Keep in mind, this is not an FBI post as Strzok’s position at the FBI is “Deputy Assistant Director Counterintelligence Division” not “Section Chief” which is a CIA post.

Peter Strzok was the central figure involved in trying to oust President Trump. Now we know he’s a CIA Brennan/Obama asset.


  1. Isn’t the CIA corporation main headquartered located in Switzerland, they should not be even allowed to be operating in the USA.

  2. Trump’s Marine visit to Langley in December yielded all the files of these CIA operatives within the gov’t divisions. That’s why ‘Comrade Brennan’ is so pissed.

  3. A never-ending circus clown act. You had better in your Middle or High School– at least it was fun and entertaining for then.

  4. Come on, you could figure that out from the smirk. Strok was told before his Congressional testimony no harm would come to him. Did he look worried to you?

  5. FBI Special Agent Jonathan Moffa told Congress that the FBI used leaked stories, from the FBI to the media, to obtain FISA (foreign) warrants against Americans.

  6. Peter Strzok was the central figure involved in trying to oust President Trump. Now we know he’s a CIA Brennan/Obama asset.

    • Obama’s job was the same as his dad. Pose as a leftist leader to draw out the leftists they don’t know about. Obama’s parents did the same in Indonesia helping Sukarno round up and kill 500,000 “communists.” So anomalies in and lack of detail of Obama’s past is due to the usual tradecraft of legacy creation.

      • Fun exercise: cross-index Obama’s mom’s “anthropology” jobs in foundations with coups in the places she lived. Check her arrival and departure dates. Check her many marriage beginning and ending dates. Then look at Barry’s first job at Business Systems International – a known CIA front company. I think Barry and mommy dearest were spooks.

  7. Someone explain to me why this wasn’t 24/7 news at the time it came out? Why am I just hearing about this now?

    And why is it okay for the CIA and FBI people to hold dual roles? And if they are, who are they informing about it?

    • Do you really have to ask that question? Seriously? The MSM is corrupt INCLUDING Fox. They do nothing but lie.

      Do your own research, don’t rely on the liars who will never stop lying. I found this information out about Strozk over 2 years ago.

      The truth is out there, Americans just have to get off our collective duffs and find it.

    • CIA gained control of the mainstream media back in the 1950s. With Social Media and captured companies like Google they gained control of much of the Internet. Meanwhile the NSA sucks in the raw feed of the Internet from data center hub fiberoptic cables 24×7 for computer analysis.

  8. This is a stupid article.
    If he was/is a CIA “agent” that makes him the equivalent of a DEA criminal informant.
    Only a CIA officer could be seconded to the FBI.
    Which is it? Agent or officer?

    • They don’t play by anyone’s bureaucratic rules. Those in control do as they please. Trump was an unexpected annoyance to them and delayed CIA’s plans that are now being implemented under the feckless Biden. Presidents are subservient to CIA now and Trump did not realize that even after he was warned. Trump had to be shown. And apparently still has not taken the hint so expect more Mar-a-Lago evets or worse.

  9. The cia protect the dem8crays lately .Rhe Clinton’s especially Thays why when Bill was running tbe drug trade from Arkansas and the boys were murdered who witnessed it all nothings ever been done about it .

  10. We’ve known this for a long time. Glad to see the media is finally correctly identify WHO he really worked for.

    • They were corrupt from the start. The idea of such secret agencies is antithetical to a functioning Republic, which is why ours no longer functions. We did not have a coup attempt. We had a violent coup. But that was back in 1963. Those who killed JFK were never brought to account. So we can assume those who took control that day are the government we still live under.

  11. And we are suppose to believe that CIA Agent Peter Strzok did not know that Carter Page was a long time CIA asset? Instead Strzok, Brennan, Obama and Brennan conspired to destroy his Page’s life too? The damage done by the traitor Obama and his cabal of psychopaths is incalculable.

  12. Well we know that the CIA and probably the FBI worked hand in hand to get rid of JFK. Don’t forget slimeball Schiffty’s non-whistleblower whistleblower. How many other CIA moles were buried in the WH?

    • They don’t work hand in hand on anything. They are bitter rivals. They had seperate functions in the Big Event. CIA supplied the means. Secret Service the opportunity. FBI the cover-up.

  13. JFK Wanted to Disband the CIA.

    That Still Holds Today + Imprisonment & Confiscation of Wealth/Assets for Crimes Against Humanity.!!!!

  14. Who can trust the CIA or the FBI? They are both totally corrupt and working for the NWO. The NWO is working for WORLD GOVERNMENT.

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  16. He remained CIA at FBI. That’s why he had no concerns about the FBI’s reputation since the two agencies are bureaucratic rivals. I got news, EVERY Federal and State government is salted with CIA. Jesse Ventura even mentioned being told that by CIA when he was Minnesota Governor. You will never have a legitimate Republic again as long as we have this situation.

  17. You would think that a CIA agent would be a tad less…histrionic. He actually had a desk at Obama’s favorite law firm, Perkins Coie, right near Obama’s fixer. A CIA desk at a Washington law firm. Kinda like the NSA desks at Google.

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