Aid Package Airdrop Over Gaza Kills 5, Injures 10 After Parachutes Fail

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food aid Gaza

Five people, including two children, were killed and at least ten others were injured when they were hit by a pallet of aid parachuted into Gaza as part of a humanitarian airdrop.

The US and Jordan are among the countries carrying out airdrops in northern Gaza, where hundreds of thousands of people are facing dire conditions after more than five months of war.

Footage shows the moment the aerial drop of supplies for people in the Al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza went wrong.

InfoWars reports:Several videos captured the moment parachutes carrying heavy loads failed to properly deploy and packages were sent raining down on people.

CBS News reports two boys were among the five people who died after the cargo planes dropped the aid packages, in what was allegedly an American operation.

In the video below, the man filming is nearly hit by several boxes that fell out of the cargo plane without parachutes.

The U.S. military dropped meals over Gaza last weekend and promised to airdrop more supplies in the future.


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