Judge Sends Biological Male To Women’s Prison After Multiple Convictions Of Child Rape

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pedo born male sent to womans prison

A serial child sex offender was found guilty last week of sexually abusing multiple children while living as a man.

Now that the pedophile identifies as a trans woman called Sally Dixon, ‘she’ will be jailed in a women’s prison…. despite not being biologically or legally recognized as female.

Dixon, 58, began transitioning 18 years ago and carried out the disgusting offences against seven children from 1989 to 1996

The Mail Online reports: She was found guilty on 30 offences of indecent assault or indecency with a child against seven victims in July, the youngest of whom was seven years old at the time.

A jury took 17.5 hours to find her guilty on the charges, and not guilty on three more.

Ryan Richter, prosecuting, described a campaign of offending against two boys and five girls lasting eight years.

He told the court: ‘The defendant, living as a man in the late 80s and 90s, was a brazen and callous sexual predator.

‘He exploited young males and cultivated a toxic relationship with female children who he systematically abused throughout their childhoods.’

Sally Anne Dixon, who was born John Stephen Dixon in 1963, married twice and began transitioning to live as a female in 2004.

Despite being jailed for six months in 1997 for the sexual abuse of a teenage by, it was not until a victim came forward in 2019 that Dixon’s years of offending came to light. 

Judge Van Der Zwart said opportunities to jail her earlier had been missed. 

Lewes Crown Court in East Sussex heard Dixon will be sent to HMP Bronzefield where she will serve her sentence, despite not being legally recognised as a woman.

Wearing a pink jumper and dyed pink hair, Dixon scowled, frowned and shook her head during a sentencing hearing.

The victims were now vindicated, the judge said.

Sussex Police reopened their investigation into his earlier offending in 2019 following a new complaint from another victim.

Harrowing victim statements were read to the court by victims, now adult men and women, who described horrific abuse by Dixon.

One woman said her childhood abuse left her feeling constant anxiety.

‘I was hoping he would do the right thing for once and not put me through the trial but he didn’t.

‘He is a coward who did not give evidence.

‘He was happy to put us through it but not himself.’

Dixon lived in Crawley and Bexhill where he worked repairing TVs and as a DJ around local bars, clubs and a caravan park.

The court heard he abused the children at a lock-up garage and in a caravan on the south coast.

Dixon was given consecutive nine year custodial sentences with two one year extended licences and will serve at least 12 years in custody before becoming eligible for parole. 


    • Well the serial pedophiles, the hard ore instituionalised pedophiles on high places, the rapists and murderers of infants could all carry on whilst idiot Edna averages could all be squsling like stuffed pigs about that sort of news story.
      One of the outsiders set up most likely to be honest by liars to be used as a media scapegoat to make the system look as, if it’s working hard to protect children gets way with letting the really guilty carry on.

  1. This crap really need to stop. He is a male and have been found guilty of committing crimes against children and regardless of what he identity as he is still a male and guilty.

    • Makes no difference if he’s make or female he’s going to jail and if you think women are nice in ha think again. I know of one female who used to sit behind serial killer Catherine Burney in their class room at school in jail where they learned like primary school stuff thy they didn’t know, were mentally absent from when they were kids often because of trauma from their home lives, and she used y put large pins in get shoes and kick Cathy routinely throughout the days Cathy couldn’t complain yo the screw cause then she’d be a dog and a the bitches would punch her and kick her and spit on her and put shit in her food and piss in her water and all that sort of thing.

  2. Nah.
    Send him to the men’s prison. Where he belongs.
    And where Bubba will use him up til his fart looks like a yawn.

    It’s the least we can do to ensure that he is properly rehabilitated.

    • It might be better to send him to women’s prison as there’s probably a couple of “Largef Marge’s” who were raped themselves and are big, fat lesbians who will be happy to “teach him a lesson” or 2. Also some of those women were probably raped themselves as kids, – women in prison can be absolutely brutal. Maybe the judge knew what he was doing. I can’t say for sure but it’s possible IMO. In Russia it’s automatic death penalty for first offense. That makes more sense, because pedos destroy a child’s life, also their family’s lives too. These people are sick and evil.

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