British Prime Minister Orders ‘Urgent’ Investigation Into George Soros Over Anti-Brexit Campaign

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for an "urgent" probe into George Soros' activities during the Brexit referendum.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for an “urgent” probe into the activities of George Soros during the Brexit referendum after an investigation revealed that Soros’ Open Society Foundation channelled millions of dollars of dark money into a campaign aimed at blocking Brexit.

Globalist billionaire Soros, known as “the man who broke the Bank of England,” is facing an investigation into almost £3 million ($3.85m) in foreign cash that his foundation funneled into an anti-Brexit campaign aimed at “educating” the British public to vote to remain in the European Union.

Protesting his innocence recently, Soros said the funds he pumped into the anti-Brexit campaign were not used for partisan or electoral purposes. They were used to educate the British public.

The Conservative government are unsatisfied with Soros’ explanation and have called for an urgent Electoral Commission probe into the activities of Soros’s globalist Open Society Foundation.

The move follows an investigation by The Mail on Sunday last week that uncovered a paper trail revealing that Soros’ Open Society Foundation funneled vast sums of dark money into a campaign seeking to block Brexit at the ballot box.

Soros’ Open Society Foundation funneled the money to the pro-EU group Best for Britain (BfB) via a London outpost, in an attempt to circumvent a ban on foreign donations to political organizations.

The BfB admitted they received money from Soros’ globalist organization, saying last week: “Our financial statements are appropriately filed and make clear we have received money from the Open Society Foundation.

Soros-funded BfB are still attempting to stall and ultimately cancel Brexit, having recently rolled out a website instructing people how to vote tactically for anti-Brexit candidates, which, if successful, would wipe out the conservative government’s hopes of the majority needed to deliver Brexit, according to the Mail.

Hungarian-born Soros helped to build his vast fortune by betting against the British pound sterling on “Black Wednesday” in 1992, earning him billions of pounds while causing the currency to plunge and the government to panic.

According to Soros, who describes himself as a “friend” of the UK, leaving the European Union would be a “tragic mistake“.

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