MSM Told Dems To ‘Dramatize’ Impeachment Hearings With Crying Witnesses, Then Witnesses Started Crying

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Liberal journalists told Democrat lawmakers to "dramatize" the impeachment hearings with "emotional" witnesses to sway public opinion.

In the past week, liberal journalists started admitting there are significant flaws in the substance of Democrats’ impeachment argument and are now focusing more on the show of public hearings, hoping “dramatized” events on Capitol Hill, including “emotional and crying” witnesses, will make the case to impeach President Trump.

Following Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd grilling Republican Senator Rand Paul regarding impeachment while tossing softballs to Democrat Congressman Jim Himes on Sunday, the political panel admitted that House Democrats had an uphill battle in upcoming public hearings.

The worried journalists urged liberal lawmakers to “dramatize” those hearings as much as possible and hoped some of the witnesses would cry or become “emotional.”

I think in those two segments, with Rand Paul and Jim Himes, we had a good snapshot of how difficult this is going to be for the – for the Democrats to convince the country that this is extraordinary behavior that disqualifies the President from office,” The Washington Post’s David Ignatius admitted. He also acknowledged that impeachment effort against President Trump looked “purely partisan.

And it seems House Democrats have listened to the mainstream media journalists — or perhaps they are simply using the same playbook — because, right on cue, Former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch “choked up a bit” when she testified on Friday, bringing a taste of the Democrats’ much-needed “drama” to proceedings.

Right on cue, Democrat witnesses became emotional for the cameras.
Right on cue, Democrat witnesses became emotional for the cameras.

WashPo’s David Ignatius’s advice to Democrats on how to change that image problem was followed to the letter: The one thing that will break through, I think, is if this can be dramatized so that our diplomats struggling against the President feel like soldiers in a battlefield, and their commander abandoned them. He argued: …if that gets through…It makes it a very different process.”

Even PBS NewsHour’s correspondent Yamiche Alcindor seemed giddy as she touted the political strategy of Democrats:

I will say that Democrats are very, they’re very focused on how to tell the story this week. And I’m told, from Democratic aides, that they wanted Taylor to be there because he’s a Vietnam vet. He’s gonna be able to tell this story in a simple way. And they wanted Marie Yovanovitch there because I’m told she cried in her testimony, and they essentially want someone who’s going to be emotional to say, “I was a victim of the President trying to do this for his own political gain.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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      • A year ago I worked with over 100 people younger than me. Some get what already happened, some dont know what happened but know Democrats and Republicans did it together and are mad. And a handful are cool with going along no matter how bad it gets. The last group was know by eveybody and not very well liked. 🙂 Maybe there is a brightside in there?

        • There you go again- trying to give me hope. Lol. That is a good sign though. Perhaps way more people are concerned and aware than we think???

          • Amen Brother. These people are No Match for US that want to MAGA and walk in Faith. As long as #45 aint the antiChrist this can end Great.

  1. Trumps gonna go down in history as the most hated President ever. But as presidents go… he’s been rather ineffective & bland, with an uneventful term of office. Folks, you just can’t make this manure up. Years from now no one will believe us when we tell’em that their history books are nonsense. Oh well, no one believes me now. (when I tell them that). Ay yi yi what a world. Smh

  2. I thought I was watching a therapy session. How does that make you feel? Did you feel threatened? I was thinking what kind of stupid questions were those. I do believe she lied about a few things, but the dems like her, so she won’t have her house raided or go to jail.

  3. This woman did not serve 33 years in the State Dept. by being a crybaby, she is one tough woman, a shark, or she would not have survived.

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