Study Reveals People With Low IQs ‘Far More Likely’ To Be ‘Woke’

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According to a recent study, individuals who possess higher levels of cognitive ability tend to be more supportive of individual freedoms and less concerned with being “woke.”

Led by Louise Drieghe, a team of researchers conducted a survey of 300 adults residing in North America to investigate this phenomenon. The researchers utilized the Mechanical Turk platform to conduct the survey and administered the Ammons Quick Test to assess participants’ cognitive abilities.

The Ammons Quick Test measures cognitive ability by asking participants to correctly match words to their corresponding images. The researchers hypothesized that individuals with higher cognitive abilities would exhibit a greater level of support for individual freedoms and less concern about the “woke” movement.

The results of the study supported the researchers’ hypothesis. Participants who performed better on the Ammons Quick Test showed a greater level of support for individual freedoms and were less concerned with being “woke.” In contrast, individuals who performed poorly on the test tended to exhibit the opposite tendencies.

The researchers also assessed participants’ support for free speech and concern for political correctness, according to the Daily Sceptic.

To measure the former, they constructed a 9-item scale, comprising items such as “Every individual has the unalienable right to express their thoughts freely,” and “Censorship of speech leaves little room for debate and diverse points of view”.

To measure the latter, they used a 7-item scale developed by two other researchers.

It includes items such as “I try to educate people around me about the political meaning of their words” and “I get mad when I hear someone use politically incorrect language.”

The researchers’ key finding is shown in the first column of the table below.

The values are correlation coefficients – a way of quantifying how strongly related two variables are.

The findings of this study suggest that cognitive ability plays a role in shaping individuals’ political attitudes and beliefs. While more research is needed to fully understand the relationship between cognitive ability and political ideology, these results highlight the importance of considering cognitive ability when examining political attitudes and behaviors.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


    • Josey your as guilty as any of them. And you, like them, don’t even know it. Being woke is just attitudes which change. Today’s woke os tomorrow’s consrvatives and attitudes are goung to change as they’ve always done. Just like hem lines or sufraggetes or multi cultural ism or Chinese take aways and pizza.

    • Disqus is totally left wing. Thrute radical legyors who just pretend to be egalitarian They’re totally like Hitler. Haven’t you noticed?

  1. Seriously, could a NORMAL person with a NORMAL I.Q. believe that COW FARTS could kill our planet!?!?!?

  2. I met my first woke person when I started grade school but didn’t even realize it . . . I was too busy watching him eat his paste and wondering “WTF is wrong with that guy! . . .

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  5. Imagine that, self-loathing idiots support wokeness. Like little children virtue signaling to say “Look at me! I’m woke too”. Sounds about right

  6. …these retreads took the vax, then hated on anyone who questioned it to the point they were violent in their rhetoric. Critical thinking is not an emotional process, you either have the ability or you are stunted and these pink haired morons think there are 99 sexual identities and that list expands every year. We now have a society of mass mental illness which has taken over, and these idiots are now in positions of power. Trudeau, for example, is the poster boy of wokeness gone crazy. 40 years ago, this sort of delirium had you locked up in an asylum, now every piece of literature has to include it and any structures of normality are being torn down, destroyed or removed at a record pace

  7. Is it any surprise that the Go along to Get along crowd who parrot the narrative are a little less bright than people who think for themselves? It makes perfect sense from an evolutionary standpoint. Most people follow the leader because they aren’t all that bright and if they don’t follow the leader they will find themselves in all kinds of nasty trouble. (Parroting the current thing is a shortcut, it gives you inside status and it almost always works because even when it turns out you were wrong, you were in the company of so many people that there is little shame or consequences for your actions. Heck failing your way to the top is practically the only way to get to the top on the left.

    I bet you could do this same type of survey with people from the Far Right who fell for the Q type non-sense. Structure your questions around whether or not you believe the earth if flat and you will see the same thing, they think they are “free thinkers” but in reality they just parrot a less well known trope than the wokesters.

    Are there more leaders on the right and less followers? Yes, Most likely this is the case, because the right tends to tell people they need to fend for themselves, which isn’t exactly appealing to lower IQ people who are afraid of doing just that.

    Followers Tend to be on the left because it’s the left that promises to always take care of them when they fail to thrive or make wrong choices in their lives. The right tends to actually be poorer but more self sufficient. They make less money on average and to be less educated but also live rural lives which require a different skill set and the ability to handle problems on their own.

    If you live in the country you take care of your own problems because nobody else is going to do it for you. If you live in the city you are more likely to be woke but also more likely to rely on other people to solve your problems and to Go along to Get along. Perhaps it’s just that the difference in communal mindset vs non-communal mindset acts as a filter.

    Self reliance vs Nanny State mentality is bound to be skewed when it comes to IQ, simply because self reliance is more appealing to people who are bright and not at all appealing to those who Must rely on the help of others or even those who are convinced they will need it whether they ever do or not.

    The “I’m afraid of life” crowd, isn’t as bright as the “Take life’s challenges as they come” crowd, that’s not a big surprise to me because one absolutely requires a higher IQ and one doesn’t. And before anyone on the left jumps in and says, But the Red States are really the welfare bums, try again. In ALL states the majority of the welfare goes to people living in the cities, this is just as true in Red States. Country folks, whether they live in Red or Blue states are far less likely to accept welfare or to demand increases in welfare as a back up.

  8. Education has now become what it once was, before we blindly trusted public schools. A family must include someone responsible for educating the children, just as someone must change diapers. Homeschooling has come a very long way. Look up Dr Ron Paul homeschool.

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