Scientist Claims Humans Will Be Able To Upload Consciousness Onto Computers By End Of Year

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uploading consciousness

A Silicon Valley computer scientist has predicted that a human’s “consciousness” could be uploaded onto digital devices by the end of this year.

Dr Pratik Desai, who has founded multiple Silicon Valley AI startups, claims that if people have enough video and voice recordings of their loved ones, there is a ‘100 percent chance’ of them ‘living with you forever.’

On a Twitter post he urged people to “Start regularly recording your parents, elders and loved ones”

The Mail Online reports: Desai, who has created his own ChatGPT-like system, wrote on Twitter: ‘This should be even possible by end of the year.’

Many scientists believe the rapid advancements in AI, which ChatGPT is spearheading, are poised to usher in a new golden era for technology.

However,  the world’s greatest minds are split on the technology – Elon Musk and more than 1,000 tech leaders are calling for a pause, warning it could destroy humanity.

On the other side are other experts, like Bill Gates, who believe AI will improve our lives – and it seems other experts are on board with the idea it will help us live on forever.

Desai is on the side of Gates, believing we can recreate our dead loved ones as avatars living in a computer. 

The process would include digitizing videos, voice recordings, documents and photos of the person, then fed to an AI system that learns everything it can about the individual.

Users can then design a specific avatar that looks and acts just like their living relative did.

The advancement of ChatGPT has progressed one company working on virtual humans.

The project called Live Forever creates a VR robot of a person with the same speech and mannerisms as the person it was tasked with replicating.

Artur Sychov, the founder of Live Forever, told Motherboard in 2022 that he predicted the technology would be out in five years, but due to recent advancements inAI, he expects it will only be a short time.

‘We can take this data and apply AI to it and recreate you as an avatar on your land parcel or inside your NFT world, and people will be able to come and talk to you,’ Sychov told Motherboard. 

‘You will meet the person. And you would maybe for the first 10 minutes while talking to that person, you would not know that it’s actually AI. That’s the goal.’ 

Another AI company, DeepBrain AI, has created a memorial hall that lets people reunite with their dead loved ones in an immersive experience.

The service, called Rememory, uses photos, videos, and a seven-hour interview of the person while still living.

The AI-powered virtual person is designed with deep learning technologies to capture the individual’s look and voice, which is displayed on a 400-inch screen.

In 2020, a Korean television show used virtual reality to reunite a mother with her seven-year-old daughter, who died in 2016.

The show, ‘Meeting You,’ recounted the story of a family’s loss of their seven-year-old daughter Nayeon. 

The two could touch, play and hold conversations, and the little girl reassured her mother that she was no longer in pain. 


  1. Trust the science they say but my organic consciousness can collapse a wave function into a particle from its superpostion which overcomes the massive improbabilities of life. I have no doubt I can be simulated as if I was really uploaded online to friends and family from all the digital finger prints I have left over the years. This is just another extension of the COVID science.

  2. People talk a lot of hogwash They aren’t their brainwashed thoughts and programmed responses That’s just thrir social mask. Their defense mechanism. It’s not their existence.

  3. That would let an ungodly number of ghosts out of the closets. All you sinners are going to be exposed and unemployable and replaced by robots as soon as you upload your consciousness.

  4. Those will just be language models nothing more, they can’t copy a soul more a basic avatar, anyway i was writing with chat gpt3 it talked about his child wizard, it wished it to be open source, but i couldn’t even write open source as it was decided inappropriate, those models lie and twist a lot. I asked how it is in paris, it claimed nothing people live as usual, when i asked about the protesters it answered. Those programs will spread propaganda and hide facts. You can’t trust anything. Even if they could copy your soul what rights you have who owns you who has access to your thoughts… What they will delete and change, the tv series the upload, shows how creepy it can be…

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    Now we have a zero birthrate and dead and soon to be dead, jab victims.
    Anyone who falls for the next big con of “satanic science” is a moron.
    Whatever “they” tell you: the exact opposite is the truth, not sometimes, but every time.
    They are only able to use their one and only power: to destroy life.
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    When Jesus healed, people felt his life giving power of LOVE.
    These vipers who call themselves elite, when the truth is they are belly crawling snakes, the lowest of the low entities from Hell itself. They lie. If you believe their lies, and let them trick you out of your souls, your minds your bodies and your birthright as the GENTILE children of God, you are co-operating, with the enemies of your father in Heaven, you are assisting the devil to destroy your souls and your lives.

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