Two-Year-Old Twin Dies After Routine Vaccination

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Two-year-old baby twin dies after routine vaccinations

An 18-month old twin baby has died 24-hours after receiving a “routine vaccination” at the doctors office. 

Shannon McDonald said she took her 2-year-old twins to the doctors to receive routine vaccinations, and the very next day one of the twins, Nevaeh Kennedy, was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

McDonald told that she felt something was wrong the entire time.

“Something in my chest was telling me,” McDonald told CTV Atlantic. “That big scary feeling that every mother has — that they’re going to walk into a room and their kid who is supposed to be sleeping is going to be dead.

“I felt that before I even touched her.” reports:

Just days following the tragedy, the family was displaced due to fire. And that’s the primary focus of the news outlets. Not undermine the tragedy that is the fire and the family’s displacement, but the focus should be on finding what caused Nevaeh’s untimely death.

The proximity of vaccinations and the toddler’s death shouldn’t be swept under the rug. We can’t find any information on what type of vaccines the toddler was given (just that vaccines were involved).

McDonald said only a day before Nevaeh’s death she had brought the youngster and her twin sister Nyla to their doctor for a routine check-up and vaccinations.

McDonald has been told an autopsy could take up to six months. Her reaction to such was one of frustration.

“I need some type of closure,” McDonald said. “I need to know why.”

The lengthy autopsy is part of the sweep this under the rug process. This consistently happens to parents.

Notice that the media refers to vaccines it as “routine shots?” This is so they don’t draw any attention to potential evidence. The news completely avoids saying vaccines in its on-air segment. How can it be acceptable that an autopsy would take six months? The news segment buries this aspect of the matter. No parent should have to wait that long. If any other event had occurred in a toddler’s life within 24 hours of a mystery passing, that event would be used as a clue to what potentially occurred.

Parents all too often are left without any recourse (remember, they can’t sue pharmaceutical companies). Also, questioning vaccines, even after a tragedy warrants such, will change the conversation to bullying and intimidation rhetoric.


  1. Sad story, but how many more are REALLY out there is the scary part…

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

  2. Sad story, but how many more are REALLY out there is the scary part…

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

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