Chinese Nurses In Operating Theater Start A Fight Mid-Surgery

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CCTV footage shows medical staff at a Chinese hospital break into a fist fight as a patient undergoes surgery.

The fight broke out between a male and a female nurse over ‘relationship issues’ at a local hospital on May 12.

South China Morning Post reports:

Leaked surveillance footage shows a man and woman – dressed in medical scrubs and surgical caps – coming to blows at Lankao Central Hospital in Henan province last Friday, according to the Legal Evening News.

The brawl appeared to be taking place while a patient was still lying on the operating table, surrounded by six doctors and nurses.

The confrontation seemed to escalate after the man removed his medical glove and threw it at the woman’s face. She then moved to hit him back, prompting him to charge forward and land at least seven successive blows to her head as nearby staff scrambled to stop the conflict.

Police who were investigating the incident declined to reveal the reasons for the brawl.

But the Lankao county propaganda department told local media that the two began fighting because of relationship-related issues, although the two were not a couple.

While police claimed the fight took place after the operation when the patient was no longer in the operating room, online users pointed out that video footage contradicted that statement.

“The patient is obviously still on the table, [and] doctors are still operating,” one Sina Weibo user wrote. “They cannot lie so blatantly.”

“Obviously the surgery is still underway, I’m not blind,” wrote another.

Others commented on the lack of professionalism in the incident.

“It doesn’t matter what started it, the patient is most important! Save the dying and help the injured, is this just a slogan? This cannot represent all doctors, but does it represent the majority?” one user wrote indignantly.

Some were simply confused by the whole incident: “[Fighting over] relationship problems, but they’re not a couple? I don’t understand, is this what society calls ‘friends with benefits’?”