Rand Paul: Only Person Who Colluded With Russia Was Hillary Clinton

Fact checked
Rand Paul says the only person who colluded with Russia is Hillary Clinton

Senator Rand Paul has slammed the mainstream media’s double-standard surrounding baseless Russian-collusion allegations against Trump, saying the “only person” we know who “colluded with Russia” was Hillary Clinton.

Speaking with Fox News, Rand Paul blasted the left’s obsession with Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, adding that Mueller’s year-long witch-hunt has so far yielded zero evidence against Trump.

Hannity.com reports: “The president sees the Mueller investigation. He sees all these accusations from partisan Democrats, Hillary Clinton, saying ‘Oh, he colluded with the Russians,” Rand said.

“The only people who we actually know colluded with the Russians were Hillary Clinton who paid a British agent who paid Russians for information for the dossier.”


  1. Since witches and demons lack the ability to create/imagine, they simply copy. Like, accusing others of exactly what they are doing. Fucking dipshits.

    • Get a clue. It’s the changing of the guard. Bush/Clinton is being replaced by Bush/Trump and Trump is hiring Bush-men. Trump never intended to drain the swamp, he’s just muscling his way in. Trump in 2020 and George Preston Bush in 2024. Bush Sr merged the CIA and the MOB and it’s not likely Barr, another Bush Sr man, will go after the Clintons.

  2. Not so sure about Rand. Why did he turn on Trump’s Emergency declaration ? WHY ? Whose bid of shekels did he finally accept ?
    Damn, even the best of men have their price, don’t they ?

  3. Hopefully, Bill Barr said today at the Congress hearing he is looking into how the Russiagate started and Hillary’s emails.

    • And like every major scandal before, they’ll pay lip service to making corrections; but the corruption in Washington DC goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

      • Treason is covered under UCMJ at not only the Executive branch, but all who got a security clearance to just enter the White House.

  4. The only othe money laudering scheme more disgusting than Clinton Global Initiative is the old CIA bank at BCCI.
    What Clinton Global and BCCI have in common is the Podesta brothers and Epstein were all involved up to their eyeballs.

  5. Anyone who reads the supposed Russian government news paper RTknows perfectly well that the entire Russian government must be in collusion with English interests entirely

  6. And that’s because she’s a agent of England really That’s why her daughters named Chelsea which has particular OCCULT meaning also.And City of London is always swarming with Russian bankers and ruling class oligarchs ,all as agents of Putin serving england .

    • The Euro Royals , The Globalists have been trying to destroy and loot Russia for centuries …You are Too Stupid to comment .. blocked .

  7. The russian horse smit salesman gave trumpkin`ss 200 million for a ten million dollar house- a palm beach beach estate.Thats how they wash the money but everyone buys china products which is the same thing as russia/china ake fuel and slaves

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  9. She all but said so on stage when she was at the debate. Don’t you remember when, “out of the blue” she started talking about how Russia was going to be on Trumps side, she just knew there would be some collusion and they wouldn’t like her at all. The Democrats have a very bad habit of telling you what their doing because they just have to take the credit for what they really did before it’s seen by the public. Keep it up, we love the information guys.

  10. Then why is she not arrested and put in prison until her death or before a military firing squad for Aiding & Abetting the enemy?

  11. Rand Paul should run for President. He is an up and comer who is holding Fauci, et al, responsible for their crimes.

  12. Killary is guilty of so many crimes not to mention her adrenochrome life involving trafficking children and doing who knows what to them. Truly a despicable creature

  13. Rand Paul is a fkn’ nutcase and unworthy of the office he holds. This connedspiracy nutter has been dead wrong for years and years, yet his fans never bother to check his claims. Can’t wait to see this nutcase thrown out of office. Both Rand and Ron Paul cater to idiots, fools, morons, faketriots and connedspiracy theorists, what Hillary correctly called “deplorables”. Morons extraordinaire, full of shit.

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