Two Witnesses Describe San Bernardino Shooters As Three White Men

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San Bernardino

Witnesses to the San Bernardino shooting that killed 14 people and injured 21 last week say that they saw three “white” men carry out the massacre.

Two witnesses, one outside and one inside the building where the shooting took place, describe three tall white men, dressed in black military fatigues, carrying assault rifles, spray bullets into the building and drive away in a black black Impala or SUV afterwards.

Similarly a “white” man was also witnessed driving a black car, dressed in black and spraying bullets at restaurant goers in the Paris terrorist attacks over three weeks ago.

Memory Hole Blog reports: San Bernardino Shooters Were “White” – Eyewitnesses

A witness described one of the Paris terrorist shooters as “white”.

Similarly, two witnesses, Juan Hernandez and Sally Abdelmageed, described the California terrorist shooters as “white”.

San Bernardino
San Bernardino shooting witness Juan Hernandez

41NBC YouTube video:

Hernandez: “Where I was at right here we’d seen three white men in military fatigues, taking off.”

Reporter: “What were they driving?”

Hernandez: “They were driving a black Impala–or SUV.”

Reporter: “Do you think they might have been the shooters?”

Hernandez: “They way they were driving? Yeah.”

Reporter: “And how many shots did you hear?”

Hernandez: “A lot. It was a lot. Like I said, it sounded like a gun range. Just like shots going off like crazy. It was a lot–a lot of shots.”

Shortly after Abdelmageed, who witnessed the attack at the Inland Regional Center, was interviewed by CBS News via phone shortly after the event, her statements were downplayed by CBS’ Scott Pelley.

Upon playing excerpts from the interview where Pelley asked Abdelmageed, “You’re certain that you saw three men?” he concluded the CBS Evening News segment featuring Abdelmageed’s statements by remarking, “And of course we’ve just learned that one of the suspects was actually a woman.”

purldiver YouTube video:


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