Jill Stein: Hillary Created ISIS

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Jill Stein claims Hillary Clinton created ISIS

Green Party presidential nominee, Jill Stein, has accused Hillary Clinton of creating ISIS and allowing them to become one of the most powerful terrorist organisations in the world.  

Stein made the comments after the latest US presidential debate between Clinton and Trump on Sunday.

Presstv.ir reports:

“The power of ISIS (ISIL) in Syria comes directly out of the catastrophe of Iraq, which Hillary Clinton supported, and Donald Trump did, as well,” Stein said Sunday during an interview (part two is here) with the Democracy Now! news program.

Stein and Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson were excluded from the presidential debate under stringent rules set by the Commission on Presidential Debates, which is controlled by the Republican and Democratic parties.

The two candidates had failed to garner the 15 percent support in five polls required to qualify for the debate.

The conflict in Syria “is a crisis, a global humanitarian crisis. Millions of people are fleeing for their lives from Syria. I think it’s something like half of a million people have actually been killed in Syria. It is a humanitarian catastrophe that we have very much to do with,” Stein said.

“Hillary Clinton certainly led the charge into Libya and created that catastrophe, which led to the release of huge stockpiles of arms and incredible violence and catastrophic situation in Libya, all of which helped fan the flames in Syria,” she added.

“So, we have had a major hand in the chaos of Syria and, indeed, the major hand instigating the chaos in the Middle East.”

The United States and some of its allies have been carrying out airstrikes in Iraq and Syria since 2014 allegedly targeting Daesh terrorists.

However, the US-led coalition has done little to stop Daesh’s advances in parts of Syria and in Iraq.

Some analysts have criticized the US-led military campaign, saying the strikes are only meant to benefit US weapons manufacturers and destroy the two countries’ infrastructure.

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